locksmith technicians

Locksmithing was an early form of security engineering and it has changed into the science of creating and cracking locks. Most cities had their Locksmithing guild by the 14th century. This organisation helped to regulate the technology. It formed an apprenticeship system for training new professionals. During that time the focus was on making aesthetically pleasing locks but not so much into the development of secure technologies. Owing to this, lock technology remained almost the same through the 18th century, relying on the tumbler design of the Egyptian pin.

The locksmith is a professional who design safety device and other hardware mechanisms. The term refers to a person who shapes metal into locks.  Even though safe specialists rarely make locks in the present-day, the name is used to refer to hardware-related professional.

A specialist could provide key to windows, doors, sheds and cars and also break different types of security devices. He could save your life if you are confined in your apartment or car. It is because of the fact that the specialist has the skill to pick different locks without causing damage to your house or vehicle. Whether it’s for creating or breaking, a wide array of techniques are used by safe specialists today. All these methods could be mastered with time, practice and patience.

If you want to break into your safe, you must be aware of the techniques that include picking, impressioning, safe manipulation and the wedge technique.

locksmith technicians


This refers to picking a lock. Professionals make use of a wide array of sophisticated tools for accomplishing this task. Some buy a training cylinder and picks looking like thin metal shanks with pointed ends. If you want to break into your safe for the first time, you must opt for thinner picks as they take up less space for better movements.  Moreover patience is essential as you may not achieve success in your first attempt. Specialists are often required to be licensed by the state as some picking devices are prohibited for non-professionals.


In this method safe specialist takes a blank key, inserts it into the lock and then turns the key. This makes the security device bind the pins that seizes a non-functioning key. Nevertheless, the key blank is intended for producing marks when jiggled against the binding pins. The safe specialist then files down the places where the marks are made. You should repeat the impressioning process till the key could open the lock. Usually a professional could open by making use of the impressioning method in 5 to 10 minutes.

Safe manipulation

You could also open your safe by not manipulating your security device but by drilling. You could either drill through the front or through the top of the security device. At present safe specialists deal with extra security features including hard plates, glass and relocking devices. If you are not careful, you could break the security glass inside your safe and activate the relocking device. You could stop the relockers in case your glass security is broken in order to open the security device again. The method of side-drilling is safe in most cases as the drill only damages the hole that could be plugged and repaired.

Wedge technique

If you are using this technique, you should place a plastic wedge into the gap between the door of a car and the frame of the car. This will allow you to wedge open an area for opening a large gap with a secondary wedge. You could then slide a wire into the locking device. The wire used by the safe specialist consists of a rubber end and a hook for getting into the locking device. This wire is common as Slim Jim. You could also make use of gauged wire. The wedge technique will help you to crack a car door from 1 to 10 minutes.

Follow these techniques and break into your safe. However you could also call a safe locksmith for opening your safe.