tree house

Building a tree house is a marvelously impulsive and dreamy idea. It is the paramount way to restructure the wonderful childhood memories. However, if you are considering building a tree house, it is essential to focus on safety precautions and deciding the type of tree to use. Always, select a tree that is strong, healthy and tough enough to support a tree house. Moreover, the different types of broadleaf and conifers that can hold up a tree house include: Hemlock, Oak, Beech, Douglas-fir, Maple, Ash, Cedar, etc.

In order to decide on the perfect tree for a tree house, as stated above health and strength are the most important characteristics. However, there are certain points that you should make note of to determine if the tree is good enough to use for tree house or not. These points include:

tree house

  • Avoid trees that has dead branches in close proximity to each other
  • Complete leaf discoloration of trees is also a sign that tree is not strong enough
  • Tree is not healthy if you notice liquid oozing from the tree’s bark
  • Uneven leaves on branch edges also bespeaks that tree is unhealthy
  • Check for any damage to the bark of the tree as it is a potential entry point for disease and bacteria
  • After choosing a particular tree, consider utilizing one or two supports to take stress off the tree
  • You can also make the fewest punctures necessary to support the tree house safely
  • In order to minimize the tree damage, avoid putting fasteners too close together that can weaken that section of the tree
  • Avoid hanging wires and supports over branches as they can harm the structure of tree

So, understanding the features of the tree kind that you choose is really vital. However, trees always grow and move, it is important that the structure that you create on tree, must allow room for the growth of tree. Make sure that this expansion should not endanger the stability of the tree house.

These days, one can browse the Internet to find some of the finest tree house builder services that offer wide range of services including tree examination, tree trimming, cutting and shaping, tree removal, stump grinding, crane services, canopy elevation, etc.

Here are some of the simple steps to build a perfect tree house as per your choice:

  • Decide on a tree and settle on a spot within it for your tree house
  • Make sure it will not bother other people
  • When selecting a tree it is best to discuss with a experienced arborist
  • Decide how you want to access your tree house and what resources you want to use
  • Follow the pattern of the tree, allow growth and movement, and keep the structure lightweight
  • Providing a safe and sound base for the rest of the structure, is the key element of almost any tree house
  • Make sure the platform is plane, and keep it balanced centrally around the tree to support irregular loads and trim down swaying
  • Use proper and strong floorboards to add the floor
  • A deck can be part of the tree house platform to experience sitting outside a tree house
  • Make use of simple wooden or rope ladder is fine if the house is not far from the ground
  • For higher tree houses make use of steps with handrails
  • Make sure to construct secure, strong rails

Thus, consider all the above mentioned information and important points before start to construct a tree house. This information can be very beneficial for you to get the best tree house that you are looking for.