Home sweet home, do you dream of it? But how do you do it and where do you start? House or apartment? These questions go to your head and this is quite normal. Here, we explain everything, the steps to follow and the tools to choose the type of accommodation that suits you.

  1. How to buy a house or an apartment: instructions

Let us first return to the stages of acquiring real estate. Ask yourself the right questions before you get started. Follow the guide!

Day 1: Calculate your budget

And no, this is not an angry question! It is also the nerve of war, which will determine all your thinking. Take the time to assess your borrowing capacity, your income and your potential contributions. In other words, the calculator is your best friend.

Surprise! You can assess your borrowing capacity in five minutes flat. At Pretto, we take your thorn off your foot with our free online simulator. Follow the guide; we will answer all your questions!


In addition, be careful not to underestimate the additional costs. All those who take part in your adventure will ask for a counterpart, in particular the bank, the notary, the insurance, the broker… Caution, these costs are not always included in the amount of the credit.

Good plan

To maximize your chances of obtaining the property of your dreams and reassure the seller of your ability to buy the house or apartment in question, ask our advisers for a Pretto certificate.

Day 2: Imagine the property of your dreams and sign a sales compromise

All you have to do is peel through the countless classified ads sites and follow up on the visits: a duplex in the center of Bordeaux or an old farm in the Ardennes? Everything will depend on your desires and your projects. Above all, do not forget to take pleasure in the purchase of your home.

Have you already found it? So make an offer to buy to the owner of the property and negotiate the price (except of course for our Parisian friends who cannot afford such luxury).

So, you will soon sign a sales agreement, at the end of which you will have 10 days to retract without charge. Beyond that, without the conditions precedent (negotiates, negotiate!), You will have more difficulty canceling the purchase. You will also be asked to pay 5 to 10% of the sale price to the notary to reassure the seller.

Day 12: Borrow the necessary amount

You drew a lucky card! Indeed, Pretto helps you to build a rigorous and detailed file .

Once the sales agreement is signed, you have 45 days to find a loan. Tick ​​tock, tick tock! (The good students among you will have started their file upstream and avoided overdrafts in the last few months to inspire confidence).

Then, your Pretto advisor follows you in all your steps and negotiates the loan conditions for you . All you have to do now is gather the documents necessary to build your file: salary slips, account statements, tax forms, and borrower CVs. Our personalized services will give you access to advantageous rates in an unbeatable time, all 100% free.

That’s it ! The bank has given you its agreement in principle. Phew, you can reassure the seller about your financing capacity.

Day 25: Open a bank account and make sure

Now you need to open a credit support deposit account with the bank that granted you the necessary amount. You will have an appointment at one of the agencies to validate the opening of the account and a medical questionnaire (confidential) to send to the insurance.

For an almost automatic validation, fill in the medical file at the agency and leave with peace of mind! Your Pretto advisor will ensure that the loan conditions are met.

Day 30: Decide once and for all

The credit offer will reach you within variable periods. Once received, breathe … 10 days of reflection are imposed on you to decide whether to get started or not. You can give your answer between the 11 th and the 30 th day.

And if you retract? The bank will not charge you any fees, but you risk losing the amount advanced when signing the sales agreement.

Day 41: Sign and hang the rack!

You’re almost there! Once you have signed and returned the loan offer, all you have to do is wait for the authentic deed to be signed with the notary. The times vary and depend on your availability, that of the seller and notaries. Patience is the mother of all virtues 😉

Be careful not to delay too much, the credit offer is only valid within 6 months of acceptance.

Finally, your new life begins. Are we opening the champagne?

  1. House or apartment: how to choose?

Apartment life has significant advantages, in particular that of allowing you a neighborhood life, right in the city center, all in all very pleasant. You will surely live near small shops, a school, perhaps the swimming pool or a square, in short, lively and friendly streets within walking distance of your home! If you are an urban soul, you can only enjoy the Sunday morning market or a small glass of rosé to sip on the terrace. Are you finding apartment in Dubai buy now by Zoom Property.

In an apartment, you can breathe! All charges are shared between the owners. Their amount depends on your city, the standing of the building and the decisions of the trustee (count 40 € per square meter per year in Paris on average). However, if you disagree with the work but you are the only one in this case, you will be required to pay your share like the others … The apartment life ‘is learning the art of compromise!

A house for more comfort and space?

The house is in any case the assurance of greater tranquility, whether you are in the countryside or in the residential area of ​​an average city. It is suitable for families who want to enjoy complete independence in their lifestyle and their choice of work. No noise nuisance from neighbors and no endless debate to determine the color of the walls of the stairwell.

You will also be able to benefit from larger spaces, and perhaps a garden, a terrace, a swimming pool for the lucky ones. And why not adopt pets? You understand, you are free to do what you want!

However, keep in mind that a house is often far from the city center. Travel time and costs can become burdensome without proper organization. In addition, since you are the sole owner, you will have to assume the costs and costs of heating and maintenance alone (60% higher than in an apartment according to an INSEE study in 2008).

Either way, the secret to choosing between a house and an apartment is to have clear ideas about your desires and needs. Very quickly, you will sort through all the offers that will appear before your eyes. It’s your turn!

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