Picking a spa pool can be a complicated process, after all it is a big investment, so you want your investment to last you well for years to come. But as with most things, you get what you pay for, so it is important to invest in a quality spa pool like those made by Trueform Spa Pools in Auckland. As with regular maintenance a well-made quality spa pool can last for up 20 years. But there are so many brands and models on the market it can be a daunting process choosing which one is the best match for your family. Although you can buy new or used, we recommend buying new, as used spa pools can be a minefield of problems. We will cover some of the most important things you need to have in mind when selecting what spa pool to buy.


When selecting a spa pool, you have a few options when it comes to the spa pools shell. The most common and affordable material is acrylic, acrylic spa shells come in two forms. Composite acrylics are reasonable durable but they are susceptible to fading, which can make your spa pool much older than it is. You can also get continuous cast acrylic (CCA) spa pool shells these are an extremely strong and durable material designed to withstand weather and temperature extremes. This is the best choice for a spa pool shell as it has UV inhibitors to prevent colour fading, it is also resistant to cracking and it is a very easy to clean material.


Often when it comes to buying a spa pool people think the more jets the better! However, quantity does not always equal quality. It is more important to look at the placement of the jets and not the number that maximize your spa experience. Consider what areas you want to target with the jets, for example back or shoulder, then look at the spas jets locations. There are specific spas designed for hydrotherapy which are a great choice if you are looking for a spa for the health benefits. It is also important to consider whether the jets are adjustable, as this is very important as it really allows you to customise your experience as you can adjust the direction and intensity of the jets.


It is important to consider how well insulated the spa pool is. As this will save you money in the long run on power. The best insulation is full foam insulation as this slows heat loss as well as insulating any sound from the spas internal workings.

Lockable Cover

Another important part of your spas insulation, is selecting a quality insulated spa pool cover. The best option when it comes to a spa cover is a hardcover, as it insulates the spa as well as stopping debris from entering the spa. It is important to know the safety regulations in your area. As many locations need you to have your spa pool fenced to stop children drowning. The safest spa pool cover is a lockable hard cover, so you can rest assured your children will be protected from drowning.


A spa pool is a big investment, so it is good to purchase a spa pool that is backed up by a warranty. This shows that they will support and repair any issues that arise.


It is important to consider the appearance of the spa as well, you can usually select the cover for the cover, shell and casing. Which allows you to customise the spa to match your homes décor.  After all the spas appearance is important as you will be looking at in on your patio or lawn for years to come, so it is important that it is in keeping with your home and colour scheme.


When selecting a spa there are so many additional features available, from entertainment systems to colour changing built in lights and built in fountains. It is important to consider which of these features you really need, as these additional extras can really add up price wise. So, it is important to understand what features you will really use and enjoy.

Water Purification System

A water purification system is something you should consider when looking a spa pool, as in the long turn it can save you money on expensive pool chemicals. A popular choice when it comes to water purification is an ozone system, this works by using ozone or O3 a powerful oxidant to purify water. It effectively removes pesticides, fungus, organic material and viruses, meaning you don’t have to use as much chemicals. These systems are also good is you have family members with allergies or sensitive skin, as the water will have less chemicals so be is much safer for them.