Canvas prints are a sophisticated way to decorate your home in a personalized fashion. Because you can use any digital picture when creating your masterpiece, you have a lot of creative freedom to really make a statement. Creating a canvas collage out of several photos instead of just one is a great way to make something unique for your blank walls. Check out some of these great ideas for canvas collages and see if they stir up some inspiration!


If you have a large family, or even a small one you like to celebrate, what better way to do it than by creating a photo collage of fun memories and occasions? If you have kids, you can create different canvases that show them hitting life’s milestones, or you could even just make one featuring a bunch of different special events in their lives. If you’re married, making a collage of your wedding photos is far easier to show guests than breaking out a wedding album. If you’re too young for both of those things, you could make one for your college dorm that’ll help if and when you get homesick.


If you have pets, odds are you love them like they were your children. The term “fur babies” is popular for a reason, after all. If you find yourself constantly taking pictures of your little guys whenever they do something cute and/or ridiculous, what better way to display them than by making a canvas print collage? Instead of breaking out your phone every time you want to make yourself giggle or show someone your pet’s greatest hits, you could simply pick your favorite photos and put them on display. What better thing to come home to than a wall of reasons your pet makes you happy?

Wish Lists

If you and yours like to travel, but you’re not able to afford to do a lot of it just yet, maybe a vision board is a good idea to inspire you to work hard to achieve your goals. Creating a canvas collage of the places you might like to visit with your friends or your significant other is a great way to keep dreaming about traveling the world. You can plumb stock photographs of exotic places and create not only a reminder of your hopes for the future, but would also make for an eye-catching piece of wall art. Using cheap canvas prints not only as home decor, but as inspiration makes them doubly useful.

Special Occasions

Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, an engagement or a great trip, odds are you have more than one photo you’d like to display. If you have them digitally, using a site like Canvas HQ can allow you to spice up your blank walls with a celebration of your favorite celebration. If you want to commemorate a happy moment in your life, but you can’t decide which photo is best, why choose? Pick a bunch and arrange them onto a single canvas, ensuring that every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of that special day, regardless of what it was.