For most people their home is important. It is somewhere to relax and enjoy the company of their family and friends. Their home is a haven from the world that they take pride in, and look after.

Maintaining a home takes time and requires attention to detail. You need to look after everything in your home, including built in features like antique fireplaces. They always look better if you maintain them.

However, you need to know what you are doing.It is all too easy to do something that you later end up regretting. For example, painting an antique fireplace is rarely a good idea. Usually, the paint fades and the fireplace starts to look shoody. A far better approach is to keep it clean and maintain it properly.

Stone fireplaces are more delicate than you think

If your antique fireplace is made from stone. You should brush it over with a soft brush to remove any surface dirt, and do so at least once a week. Dusting like that will stop dirt from building up in the pores of the stone.

With most antique fireplaces the best way to clean is little and often. If you allow the dust to build up the only way to get rid of it is to get on your hands and knees and scrub the stone repeatedly with a soft brush and water, far harder work than dusting it regularly.

Avoid staining the stone

You also need to be careful about what you put on the mantelpiece and the surround. Stone looks solid, but it is in fact porous. Putting a coffee cup on a marble fireplace can easily leave a mark that is difficult, if not impossible, to get out. The best approach is not to mark the fireplace in the first place.