Bamboo is considered to be very auspicious plant and is very important in the context of Feng Shui and positive energy. Curly bamboo, also known as lucky bamboo is actually not a real bamboo plant and belongs to the family of Dracaena. It is the native of Southeast Asia and west tropical Africa. It is only the presence of cane segments that make it resemble to that of the bamboo plant. The plant is mostly grown indoors and in dish gardens. They are easy to grow and require less maintenance for its proper growth and development. Check out some of the tips that can help in growing these plants for home in an effortless manner.

  • First, select a small container which is made of glass, sealed ceramic or any other non-porous material. You can also use a decorative or clear glass dish depending upon your choice.
  • Now, fill the bottom of the container with one to three inches of water. You need to ensure that the water is fresh and is free from fluoride or any other chemicals. If you are not sure about the water quality, you can use the bottled spring water for your nursery plant.
  • You can create the perfect bed for your plant with the help of stones, small river rocks, aquarium or pea gravel along with marbles to the plant container. Now, stand the curly bamboo plant in the water through the help of stones or marbles and keep it upright.    
  • It is important to keep your curly bamboo plant in the bright, indirect or low light. It is recommended to keep normal indoor temperatures to be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the curly bamboo. However, avoid placing this symbolic reference of prosperity, health and love plant close to heating or air conditioning vents.
  • You need to offer the droplet of liquid all-purpose fertilizer to your curly bamboo plant once in every month or two. This extra nutrition will help in the faster growth of the plant and will make the leaves grow longer than earlier. You can easily find this fertiliser at any offline or online plants store.
  • Ensure that the water in the container is changed at least every two to three weeks. Further, you need to maintain the water level up to 1 to 3 inches in the container.  
  • For pruning the curly bamboo plant, you need to use a sharp scissor in case the top of the plant becomes too heavy. Perform a clean cut through the stem of the leaf. You can further use the pruned stem to grow another bamboo plant in a different container. Similarly, you need to prune back the roots if your curly bamboo plant appears to be root-bound in the container. However, you need to perform the root pruning in the winter climate when the roots of these green plants are in dormant condition.

So, grow these fantastic curly bamboo plants in your home by following these simple and valuable tips.