Caring For Home Appliances

Having own home is a dream come true to everyone. Making it more vibrant with the addition of appliances is just the next credible step.

While there are ample choices available among each of these equipment, regular maintenance and care is key to ensuring a long-term working capability.

Keeping the appliances in full operational standing for a long period can be possible simply by understanding and implementing care & preventive approaches one must apply. Besides, you may have them covered with proper insurance policies which is also a key in keeping your dream home in a very good working condition.

Caring For Home Appliances

Home valuables are actually broad. Below we’ll be discussing some of the most conventional methods in taking care of utensils, appliances and jewelry:

Do we always keep stuffing much load into our dishwashers? Yes? Each day, we shove in the dishes, pots, cups while busy taking on a not so important phone call. Well here is a trick.

  • Ensure there is enough space around for breakable items, and they are not rubbing within the space along with other metal items. You are surely calling for a disaster with pieces of broken glass pieces.
  • Keep soft plastic items away at the top of the hot surfaces to avoid them melting and then getting stuck in places they shouldn’t be.
  • Keep the bowls face downwards when cleaning for a quick clean up.
  • The fridge should ideally be cleaned every week. It should be a weekend chore for the sake of the family’s health. When the food is kept in the fridge for a long time then bad bacteria may come and reside in it affecting the health of your family member.
  • Regular removal of smelly items that could lead to possible diseases out of your house, especially the kitchen, is another important step in keeping the health of the family in good shape.
  • Provide regular cleaning and maintenance of your portable air conditioners to ensure maximum efficiency and confirm that clean air is being circulated.
  • The maintenance and hygiene of food-wise equipment is critical especially when it comes to our reliance on home blended juices, microwave, toaster, oven, especially when preparing school meals for children or diet recipes for health conscious adults. Unclean equipment attracts the development of bacteria to take refuge in the unclean rims of the equipment. To keep them safe, one must ensure it is cleaned to its best capacity after every single usage.
  • A good detergent wash and cleansing with scouring sponge is a good way to go when cleaning. It is advisable to add warm water to get hold of all the waste that may have remained hidden.
  • Every home has one or many items concerning precious jewelry for it may signify significant milestones in one’s life. It could be an engagement ring, a diamond stud earrings or a gold chain gifted by mom during a special day. The point is, these precious stuffs are also valuables that needs to be preserved in most precious manner. The gold and silver items can also be periodically cleaned with mild detergent solutions and then wiped with the soft and dry cloth. Any visible dirt can be removed with a light brushing movement till the sparkle is back.
  • The jewelry items should also always be covered with good insurance to have it protected against loss or damage as recommended by 7diamond.


Overall, you should ensure your valuables good cleaning & drying, proper usage based on provided guidelines and adequate insurance coverage, which are all significant keys in keeping them achieve longer life.