If you think wall-to-wall carpet seems a little bit old-fashioned, you’re not alone. That’s the feeling many people have when they think of carpet. They think of the dull, neutral tones of carpet from the 1980s or the garish shag carpet of the 1960s and 1970s. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are many kinds of carpet being produced in the 21st century that are exciting and attractive. Carpets can be available in many different styles and colours.

Different Styles

Carpet styles depend on the type of weave as well as the actual pilings. For corporate boardrooms and offices, the carpet is normally kept very low. The pilings are very short and they tend not to snag, which makes it much easier to roll chairs and move furniture over the carpet. It also makes it much easier to vacuum. A very short carpet can even be cleaned with a broom. For a corporate use, very short and durable carpet is probably one of the most popular Dorset flooring services. However, for homes, people tend to like a longer nap.

Some of the longer pilings make for much softer carpets. If you are thinking of a carpet for your family, you might want something that is soft enough to lie on while you watch a movie. These types of carpets are available as well. Since they are made from 21st century fabrics, they will be durable and stand up to a lot of vacuuming.

Different Colours

While neutral earth tones are still the most popular colours for carpets, you can now find them in many different colours. Patterns have also grown in popularity in recent years. Stripes or chevrons make a wall-to-wall carpet look more like a rug, creating a modern look without sacrificing the benefits of a wall-to-wall carpet.

There are many more choices available from great suppliers.