Double-glazed windows and doors allow a home to enjoy more than a few benefits including decreased noise pollution, increased energy efficiency, and increased security. However, any window may eventually experience a failure and you need to spot the signs of a problem early to save money and time. A few simple tricks and signs to look for may yet save you thousands in the long run and help you keep your home or commercial property beautiful and safe.

Look for These

Leaks may form at any time of the year, although they occur more often during times of temperature fluctuation. For example, high heat followed by cold and then followed by another wave of heat may cause your window to leak. Another sign of a broken seal can be found in the form of condensation between the panes of glass. Other, more obvious signs you need Kent double glazing repairs include cracks, chips, or holes in the glass. Although the chip may appear small now, a single strike may splinter the entire pane, causing a reduction of curb appeal and making your building a target for potential burglars.


Depending on the severity of the problems listed above, you might need no more than a repair or a complete replacement window. Some water leaks happen due to a problem in the frame of the window or a blocked drainage section. Calling for repairs can quickly remedy the problem. Condensation between the panes of glass might cause a serious issue as the seal around the two panes has sprung a leak. To fix this problem, you need replacement as the performance of your window will have decreased. Chips, cracks, or holes may require replacement or repairs, depending on the extent of the damage. Pay close attention to the extent of the damage and hire a reputable company to give an estimate on either solution. No matter what you need, the solution should be cost-effective.