Not a single homeowner can deny the importance of a water filter as it helps in getting rid of bottled water. After getting a water filter installed in your home, you would hardly have to fulfill any maintenance requirements. But it is important to replace your water filter at the right time and in the right way.

Here are a few ways to know about the right time of replacement of your water filter.

  • Limited Usage

Every water filter comes with a limited time usage. You need to confirm it with your manufacturer by the time you buy it. However, if your usage is more than the normal, you must replace it more often than you would otherwise.

  • Color

If the water in your filter starts changing its color by turning into pale yellow or green, it’s the time to get the filter replaced as soon as possible.

  • Flow

Every water filter works at its best pace for a specific time period. But, if you start feeling any change in the speed of getting hot water, it shows the flow of your filter is affected. So, you need to instantly replace your clogged filter with a brand new one.

  • Indicators

Some water filters come with the built-in indicators which change their color when it’s the time to replace the filter. However, it may vary from the duration claimed by the manufacturer.

You need to buy a high-quality water filter from any renowned website to ensure that the indicators correspond to the number of months suggested by the manufacturer.

  • E-mail Reminders

Some renowned water purifier dispenser Malaysia companies offer reminder services. They send out emails to their customers to remind them that their water filters have reached their maximum limit and need to be replaced instantly.

  • Usage Guides

You can consult the usage guides to have the relevant information about installation, water filter tests, and replacement requirements. It would also help you test the appearance, quality, and standard of the water in your filter.

  • Mark the Calendars

You can simply mark your calendar to remember the last time you replace your water filter. It is a quite simple way of knowing the right time of replacing your filter. But having a look at the calendar for that is something you would need to keep remembered on your own.

  • Hardness of Water

You may start feeling the hardness in your water. It can end up clogging the filter if you don’t replace it on time. However, it is necessary to be conscious and alert to detect these signs effectively and timely.

  • Pressure

If you feel any pressure on the system, you need to consult the manufacturer to see the underlying issue. You need to get through this process with the help of an expert to be safe and sure. It might show that your water filter immediately needs to be replaced to give some relief to the system.