The first characteristic of a good cleaning service like the one you will get at CleaningFinder is consistency. If you have completed your first cleaning job and the customer is happy with the results that is fantastic. But you have to maintain that cleaning standard because after some months that one awesome clean will not mean anything if your standards go down. Great cleaners make it their goal to be brilliant consistently. After some time you may be tempted to become complacent and begin cutting corners but your clients will want to have their homes spotless after every clean and a good cleaner will live up to this high expectations.

The second characteristic of a good cleaner is attentiveness. Paying attention to detail is very crucial in cleaning because there is a very big difference between something that appears clean and something that is truly clean. A good cleaner is able to see things that others cannot see and can clean things that customers never knew that they needed to be cleaned.

The third characteristic of a good cleaner is honesty. If you have the qualities of a good cleaner your job will be free from any mistakes. But no matter how careful you are, if you do so much cleaning it is possible for accidents to occur. In case this happens, you are required to be upfront and honest with your customer so that you can both fix the damage with minimal fuss.

The next characteristic of a good cleaner is pride. It is common to believe that a good cleaner has to be humble but on the contrary, a good cleaner must have pride. This is so because if he or she does not take pride in what they do, then he or she will not do it well.

The next characteristic of a good cleaner is discretion. Cleaners are often left alone in customers’ homes. Customers trust them to perform their job without snooping around. But again they may accidentally land on very sensitive information about their customer. Whatever you may come across about your customer should never be revealed to anyone else.

Punctuality is the other characteristic of a good cleaner. This does not only entail arriving to a customer’s place on time but also being able to plan effectively when cleaning in order to work efficiently. And if a cleaner feels that he or she will not be able to complete the job as required, they should inform the customer. Here the honesty quality explained above comes in again.

Another characteristic of a good cleaner is presence. A great cleaner must be present. Just like in other companies like Frameology and others, no matter the type of service you are offering you must bring your whole self to work. Cleaning is not just a physical action. It is also spiritual and mental. The discretion characteristic for instance needs one to use his or her intuition. And if you are not present mentally, you will do a poor job.