When you want a relief from living in the chaotic and polluted urban areas, a home in the suburbs seems a lucrative alternative. What holds back many people from buying properties in the suburbs and downtown is the lack of facilities. However, people looking for Townhome properties around the Charleston region should not be disheartened. Now, it is possible to buy luxury townhome properties replete with amenities in Mount Pleasant.

Properties offering best of everything

The marshpointe homes literally offer you the best of everything you look for when hunting for a property!

You can buy lavishly adorned townhomes with 2 and 3 bedroom designs              here. At Marsh Pointe, you get the chance to live amidst serene and beautiful greenery. There is hardly any pollution, hustle and bustle of cities and chaotic roads! The adjacent Wando River can be accessed from community dock in the area. The area is also not far from Charleston beach and so you can always head to the seashore. You can also wander in kayaks through the marsh and indulge in fishing in those lazy weekends. Alternatively, enjoy walking in nature trails when you want.

The properties available for sale at Marsh Pointe can impress even the most finicky home buyers. From exterior finish to interior furnishing- you get pretty much everything you need for living comfortably in these townhomes. The materials used in building these properties are absolutely top quality.


Amenities you want at your fingertips

At the townhome properties located at Marsh Pointe, you can expect to get all modern amenities. The homes are equipped with proper heating and air conditioning- to begin with. There are fireplaces and top notch HVAC systems. The roof shingles have a lifespan of approx 30 years.

In the kitchens, you get superior quality granite countertops and in built microwaves. The cabinets are aesthetic and quite large too. You will have a hassle free cooking experience in these kitchens owing to steel appliances and adequate lighting. Storage options in the bathrooms are also adequate.

Options for customization

Not every person has the same likings and living needs, as it is. So, the default setup and facilities in a townhome may not be exactly up to their liking. You may opt for specific hardwood flooring and tiles in bathrooms for example. At the Marsh Pointe townhomes-buyers are given plenty of customization options. The customizations are also offered for lighting, appliances and tiles.