One of the most important moving tips is to create a checklist. Even if you have a good memory, you will probably forget something. Moving can be a complicated business, so it’s best to start out with a checklist in which to make your lists. A small notebook will do just fine.

Labels and Lists

Make one list of things that have to be done, such as phoning professional movers, confirming fees and forwarding of any mail. On another page, note down all your boxes and their contents. Try to label each box with a letter or a number. Write the contents of every box next to its label and make everything as clear as possible. Such a small step can make unpacking that much easier.


When you’re moving, don’t forget to have enough boxes for the job. It’s actually better to ask for more than you think you might need, and then you can always reuse them or pass them on to someone else. There may even be the possibility of returning the unused boxes to where you purchased them.

Anything Fragile

Gather plenty of packing tape, paper or bubble wrap and keep your breakables in one piece. If you’re thinking about removals in Bury St Edmunds, it’s better to not use newspaper, because the ink can easily come off and go on to your valuable items. Try using regular packing paper.


Most people forget the cleaning end of things when they are moving. One of the most helpful moving tips is to prepare a cleaning kit as there’s a chance that you’ll require it to clean the home you are leaving, plus the one you’re moving into. Get some cleaning liquids, sponges, rags, and rubber gloves ready. Keep the supplies in a container with a lid, which will make them easier to transport.


The importance of moving tips would be incomplete without mentioning the storage of important keys and documents. Keep all keys, the old and the new, on separate key rings. Don’t place them in envelopes or pockets, they’re simply too easy to lose. Only take off the keys when you are ready to hand them over to somebody else, or put them in a safe place in your new home. Maybe try to purchase some colour-coded key covers to clearly identify your new keys on your key ring.


Place all of your important documents in a safe, waterproof container, and keep them with you. Ensure all important ones such as birth certificates, security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers are kept safely inside. Don’t transport these items in a separate vehicle, because should they somehow happen to get lost, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to replace them.

And there you go, not difficult is it? Hope that helps, and may your move go just as easy as you planned. Enjoy!