Glass Fences

Your pool is your sanctuary that helps you exercise and appreciate the outdoors more. You want to keep it protected with the help of a sturdy fence. Invest in a glass fence that brings strength, durability and good taste into your backyard. You will find that these fences are very popular products on the current market. So, learn more about the different styles and designs that come with good glass pool fences.

Why Glass Is a Good Choice

Glass is a durable material if it is manufactured for thickness. A well-built glass pool fence has the same strength as a steel fence. The glass has a natural resistance to the elements, such as wind and rain, which makes it strong and long lasting.

In addition to strength and durability, you want glass for its aesthetic qualities. When you think of glass, you often think of decorative pieces that people collect in their homes. Glass comes in all shapes, forms, colours and sizes. You will find glass pieces made into spheres or cubes and large sculptures made entirely of glass. This material comes in all different colours, such as black, royal blue and white. As far as a pool fence is concerned, the traditional clear glass has a look that many people find appealing.

Glass makes your fence look unique and impresses anyone who steps on your property. However, you want to choose the right type of glass.

Glass Fences

Why Style Is Important

There is more than one style of glass fence. To create the most unique backyard look, you want to know about the different designs. Glass doors and fences are manufactured in framed, semi-framed, and frameless styles. The framed style has a long metal frame running along the edges. You can use a silver, gold or bronze metal for this frame. A black metal frame tends to clash with the clear glass material.

The semi-framed style does not have metal edging, but it does have metal posts that hold the glass pieces together. This style is designed for someone who wants a combination of the framed and frameless style. Buyers can choose which types of metal and glass they want to include in this style.

Frameless glass fencing has the most seamless and invisible look. If the glass is clear enough, it seems like the glass is invisible without the metal frames. There are a few metal bolts that keep the glass together, but the bolts are miniscule. Anyone who wants a clear, flawless look should invest in a frameless glass style.

Glass is a material as classic and popular as wood. In some cases, it is stronger than wood and comes with its own unique qualities. You want a pool fence made of glass that resists all types of breakage and lasts for many years. For the best glass pool fencing in WA, find a company that handles the installation and maintenance work for you. Find a company that knows glass and understands the people who want it in their backyards.