Colour Scheme

Colour is essential part of decor just like any canvas picture and it has many purposes from adding theme to a room, altering the mood of the room or just making your room bright and perfect for you. A good colour may look amazing in one room while it may completely fail in another; this is  mainly due to the effect of light, for colour to work well you can’t just paint up any favourite colour, you have to study your rooms orientation to figure out how the light falls to choose the perfect match.

  • North Facing Rooms

These rooms have limited and cold light but the best part is that the light does not alter much so the look of your room won’t vary all day, choosing a gorgeous decor and colour scheme will remain fixed and steady. Since the light is not abundant you need to make the most of it and a neutral and light colour scheme will help in adding brightness. Bold colours might be your style but they will absorb the limited light leaving behind no style at all, it’s best to go for creams and yellows to add a warm touch.

  • South Facing Rooms

South facing means plenty of light which is warm and splendid; this means you can use warm as well as cool shades for a perfect decor job. A bold or a calming decor both are possible in these types of rooms while a very neutral or highly bold look should be avoided because the light will reflect greatly on them. For boldness add in colours such as red or orange, yellow can be used if you want added warmth, if you the room to depict coolness then green, blue and purple are excellent options.

Colour Scheme

  • East Facing Rooms

The light will keep changing in East facing rooms with being warm in the morning and going cooler as time moves on. If you are a morning person then this is excellent for you, but otherwise you may need to invest in blinds or shutters to keep the light out or maintain a steady look throughout the day. Warm colours are best choices for bedroom while any colour can be used in other rooms which will shine in the morning light but be solid and subtle later in the day. The great opportunity of large canvas prints for home decoration.

  • West Facing Rooms

These are opposite to East facing rooms as they receive sunlight in the evening thus they become warmer as the day progresses while mornings are cool. If your West facing rooms is mostly used in the afternoon such as the TV room or kitchen then greys, creams or light pinks will add a spacious touch. You basically need cool colours to balance the warmth of the light which will be flooding in most of the day, this light is also perfect to hang up wall canvas so it dazzles in the light.