Whether you intend to revamp a residential building or commercial property, making a lasting impression on your visitors is key. The first architectural feature that draws most people’s eyes is the front door. A common looking doorway does not turn heads whereas, a glass canopy looks much more appealing and is functional too. Regardless of the season, a glass canopy may be the answer to making your house or shop stand out.

So, how do you pick the best one? Have a look at the following tips to make the process a lot more easier.

Consider the Size, Angle and Height

Before deciding on the actual style, you will need to think about the measurements you intend to have. This means choosing a glass canopy that has the right size, height, angle for your needs.

If you want the sun to reflect away from your front door, a glass canopy can be a perfect solution. Not only does it keep your house cool, but it ensures you are being energy efficient. Glass is an optimal material as it is easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, the canopy needs to be just the right height. A glass canopy that is too high could cause more problems and be an unnecessary nuisance.

Think About How Rain Water and Debris Will Drain

Canopies are great for directing water away from your front property, especially during the rainy and snow seasons. A sloped property or convex glass canopy will direct water and debris away from your porch, leaving a dry and clean entry to your home. The glass of a canopy can be angled in such a way so as to manipulate the direction of the drainage. This is especially important if your front door is made of wood as it avoids moisture making contact and damaging the material.

Decide on the Aesthetic Features

Now the fun part, choosing a glass canopy that looks visually appealing! If you are going for a modern, fresh design, look no further than contemporary glass canopies. They add a unique and customisable piece that makes your shop or house distinct. Even if you are going for the traditional look, a glass canopy suits this as well.

Depending on the colour of your house and front door, you may want to go for a subtle or dramatic look. A subtle style typically means picking a canopy that has similar colours to those around it. Whereas a dramatic style means picking contrasting colours e.g. a black canopy against a white door. The colour of the glass can also be considered; whether it being frosty or coloured.

Sticking to these above mentioned points and having a plan increases the chance of you choosing the best glass canopy for your property. This should be a project that is not rushed and considered carefully before implementing an idea too quickly. By doing this, you will save money and come up with the best architectural solution.

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