If you’re looking to rid your home of pests such as insects, rats and mice, simply continue reading to discover how to choose a professional exterminator, who you can trust.

  1. Ring a potential exterminator to arrange a no obligation quote

Most professional exterminators are more than willing to visit your home, in order to assess your pest problem and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Arranging such a visit is a wise idea as not only will you discover whether or not a potential exterminator will charge you a competitive fee but you’ll be able to pick the professional exterminators who turn up in a clean, tidy vehicle from the cow boys who exist.

  1. Choose an exterminator who is state certified

Every exterminator in the country is legally bound to carry evidence that they are state certified. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential exterminator if they are licensed and state certified. As while a illegal exterminator may offer a cheap rate, you won’t be legally covered if they damage your property, in the process of trying to rid your property from nasty pests.

  1. Look for unbiased online reviews 

While most businesses will post glowing testimonials on their professional websites, you can get a realistic view of each company by searching for their Yelp reviews. If a potential candidate has recent positive reviews from multiple satisfied clients, it may be well worth ringing your candidate for a free, no obligation quote.

  1. Take a look at each company’s professional website

It’s still worth looking at each company’s professional website as it may give you an indication on which types of pests each company has experience dealing with. As some exterminators specialize in removing insects, while others specialize in removing rats and mice. For a good example check of this exterminator in Omaha.

  1. Visit each company’s Facebook page

In today’s fast paced modern society, if a client is unhappy with a company’s work, there is a high chance that they will post a negative review or message on the company’s Facebook account. So it’s well worth checking out what has been posted on each of your candidate’s Facebook pages.

  1. Ask each candidate plenty of questions

As an example, if you’re looking to get rid of an ant infestation, you could ask a potential candidate, how they’d go about riding your property from ants. Or, if you’re looking to get rid of a pesky raccoon, you may want to ask each candidate if they have much experience, working with raccoons. If a particular candidate is unable to satisfy your questions, in a timely manner, you’re better off looking for an alternative pest exterminator.

  1. Search Google maps for nearby exterminators

It’s worth choosing an exterminator who is located within a short drive or your property. Especially if you’re looking to rid your home of potentially dangerous pests, as soon as you possibly can. Also keep in mind, that some pest exterminators may charge you for gas costs. So you don’t want to hire an exterminator whose located an hour away.