Hot tubs, one of the most luxurious and expensive asset, is beneficial to health in so many ways. This explains the reason for its usage in most of the homes these days. Hot tub therapy is greatly useful for a range of physical ailments which include chronic back pain, arthritis, hypertension and so forth. It also brings immense relief to depression and elevates the mood.

Hot tubs include many essential and important accessories and the hot tub pillow is one among them. These pillows help to keep the back and head aligned while using the tubs. It also helps to increase the therapeutic advantages of using these tubs. These pillows are basically designed for extra comfort and so it is essential to choose the right type of pillows for your hot tubs.

There are various models which are designed for different types of Master spa hot tubs. Some of the different types of pillows include the neck pillow, waterfall pillow, wrap pillow and the lounge pillow.


Spa pillows are usually attached to the hot tub seats. It can be attached easily by pressing them in the tub with a screw. Most of these products are inclusive of a range of different features such as extra comfort, UV resistance and chemical resistance which adds to the durability of the tubs.

Some of the other types of pillows which are used in most of the hot tubs and spas include the specialty pillows, air-filled pillows and the foam pillows. The specialty pillows are some of the most exclusive varieties of headrests which are specifically designed for particular types of spas from specific manufacturers. Most of the exclusive ranges of spas are available with these pillows and it is also easy to obtain replacements from various online stores.

The air filled pillows are another variety of headrest which include both comfort and cost efficiency. These headrests can be obtained at a lower price rate. The pillows are filled with air and covered with a soft cloth. However, these types of headrests are often suitable for tubs which are rarely used as it seldom includes additional features such as durability, elegance and added comfort.

Foam pillows are another variety of headrests which are used in most of the hot tubs and spas. These pillows are available in two different varieties such as the suction cup pillows and the flap pillows. The flap pillows are versatile as it can be used on any seats in the spas. It can be moved easily as it hangs over the edge of the hot tub. Master Spa Pillows with suction cups on the back are available in different densities and softness.

With so many varieties, it is important to know how to use the best hot tub pillow that offer unique comfort in addition to enhancing the beauty of the hot tub.