You have created the perfect home. It is sober. It is adult. It is functional. It features adequate and where possible ingenious use of space and storage. All in all, it is perfectly functional. Yet, something is missing.

That something is you – your stamps, your signature, your style.

While the best advice when creating the perfect home or living space is always to keep things simple, smart, space saving and be forever storage savvy to maximise the value, functionality and ‘liveability’ of your home, you still have to live in it. And, more importantly, you should love it.And, that is where personality comes in.

There are numerous ways to inject personality into a home, without cluttering, confusing or otherwise compromising a space, either in terms of style or storage. Accent walls featuring your favourite colours or wallpaper prints, soft furnishings in the form of cushions, candles and centre pieces and printed bed linen, to name but a few. Another and more striking, and potentially value adding way is to invest in quality tiles for your kitchen, floors and / or bathroom.

Here’s three tiling options to suit every kind of inhabitant from the cool as a cucumber to the all out kooky.


Tasteful Travertine Tiles

Easing the more reticent and style-conscious home owner in gently, let’s begin with travertine tiles. Travertine tiles provide a sumptuous, stylish and elegant way to instantly add that wow factor – rendering visitors and guests impressed as a posed to simply dazed by loud patterns or ‘out there’ colour combinations.

Despite their sophisticated appearance, opting to have a bathroom or floor space fitted with travertine tiles does not mean having to forego the fun of choice. Classic travertine is not the only option out there, as proved by R F Interiors, who provide a wealth of travertine tile options, from Hastings travertine, which is a brilliant bathroom option, to Wenlock travertine, which is great for kitchen flooring as it is durable and its brushed finish does not smudge or require the level of cleaning and polishing many floor tiling options do.

Retro Metro Tiles

Metro tile are a retro and nostalgic option without getting overly flowery about things. The original ‘subway tile’ metro tiles were first famously used in both London underground stations and New York subway tunnels in the early 1900s. Many London underground stations, including Russell Square station and Baker Street station are still covered with metro tiles.

These days, metro tiles are also popular tiles to use within the home as they are durable, contemporary looking, and yet wonderfully neutral and classic. To learn more, Tons of Tiles are a company who sell metro tiles and whose website blog features an interesting article detailing the history and cultural significance of metro tiles.

Profusely Patterned Moroccan Tiles

Pre sealed Moroccan encaustic handmade pattern tiles is a mouthful to say and can provide an eyeful too. Not for everyone, these often vividly patterned tiles come can come in almost any combination of colours and designs. Hence, they are not so much recognisable for their specific colours or designs, but for their variety, colour and the exciting choice s they open up to home owners.

As far as patterned tiles go, Moroccan tiles are one of the most recognisable, distinctive and popular types. From stripes to symmetrical and floral to geometric designs, there is no end to the possibilities they provide. Equally, because encaustic tiles are a type of cement tile, they are extremely durable. Therefore, they can as such be applied to a number of surfaces, included kitchen floor surfaces to create a real statement entrance, for example, or more sparinglyto create beautiful mosaic kitchen splash back surfaces.

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