For nobody is a secret that the world is changing and that it depends on our own conscience and work to reduce the environmental impact, that is why a great idea this Christmas to teach the little ones the importance of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, to recycle) is to make a recycled Christmas tree. We can make this Christmas tree of small size to place next to the usual tree or replace the tradition with a more ecofriendly idea. For all this, in this article, we show you how to make a Christmas tree with recycled materials.

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Christmas tree with plastic bottles

Surely at home you drink bottled water or buy 2 liter plastic soda bottles. If so, do not throw them away! Only with 5 plastic bottles and some other material, you can make a fantastic recycled Christmas tree. Follow our instructions and you will get a Christmas tree that will leave more than one open-mouthed.

Christmas tree with recycled cardboard

Do you have some cardboard boxes at home? Or a pile of old cardboard and you do not know what to do with it? Well, you already have work for this Christmas, since you could make a 3D Christmas tree with cardboard or cardboard following these instructions. In addition to cardboard or cardboard you will only need some scissors and some Christmas stickers or more cards of other colors to make the decorations. The result will surprise you!

Recycle magazines to create a Christmas tree

A great and simple idea to teach the little ones that certain materials that we no longer use can come alive again in other objects, is to make a Christmas tree with wrapping paper, magazines or old newspapers . We show you the step by step in this video on how to make a Christmas tree with magazines.

Wood and pallets to make an original Christmas tree

Some of the most original Christmas trees you see today are those made with wooden logs, thin branches or pallets from top to bottom. Depending on how you place the materials, as you can see in the image, you can achieve an incredible tree to have on the wall or one of real size. In addition, these materials allow you to easily place Christmas decorations as the tables of the pallets or the logs themselves serve as shelves.

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Christmas tree with Cristal bottles

If at home you drink some soft drink or glass bottle beer this idea is for you. You will need some cardboard boxes to make the bases of each floor of the tree of the diameter you want, the bottles and a hot silicone gun to be glued to their base and to be firmer. For the trees in the photo they used circular bases with lights for each floor, if you get them great, but you can do it with cardboard and then place the lights. You can also make this tree with cans and paint them the color you want with spray.

Corks turned into small Christmas trees

If you have several corks stored at home you can reuse them in a fun way with a spectacular result. A Christmas tree made with reutilized corks is one of the best homemade Christmas trees you can make. First you will have to clean them well and you can paint some with typical colors of this time of year such as green, red, gold and silver. When the paint dries, you can paste the corks with glue or white glue to make the shape of the tree. You just have to add a large cork or group 3 or 4 to make the base and add an ornament that you like on the tip of your new home tree.

Christmas tree of old buttons

One of the Christmas trees that are more fashionable because of its simplicity and different touch is the tree made by ourselves with buttons. So, if you have many buttons at home you can use them to create very original trees. As you can see in the image, you can make a tree using the flat buttons or by placing them horizontally to create a hanging tree. This type of tree is perfect to place on top of a piece of furniture, in a small corner or to hang it on furniture doors.

To make the first one of the image you will have to make a cone with cardboard or foam and you will have to glue or sew the buttons, or in the case of foam, nail big head pins to hold them. Choose different sizes and colors to make it more cheerful.

In case you want to do the second one that you can see the image, you will only have to collect brown and green buttons in different tones to place them one on top of the other in a flat way and join them with a thread that goes through all the holes. If you also have a button with some star or ball shape, it will be ideal to put it at the end of the tree. You just have to leave some thread to make a knot and, thus, to hang it where you prefer.

Christmas ornaments with recycled materials

Now that you know how to make a Christmas tree with materials , if you do not have the time or desire to do so, you can also teach your own the importance of 3R making tree ornaments with recycled materials such as cardboard, paper and cardboard. . In these other articles of a How we show you four great ideas:

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These types of crafts usually take time, but they are a good way to teach the whole family the importance of taking care of the environment

Enjoy together with your family members this activity that, in addition to everything, will allow the little ones to develop their creativity and feel more involved in the Christmas decoration

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