Murano chandelier

From the Victorian era, Murano chandeliers symbolize your class, taste and style. The good thing is that it’s still popular among the modern homeowners because of the class and appeal it adds to a home.

From the last three centuries it has been the symbol of class and luxury. All the professional interior designers and decorators know that it’s only the Murano chandelier which can add a touch of uniqueness in your home. This is one of the major reasons why it has become a popular choice among the modern owners.

Murano chandelier

Why Murano Chandelier Is So Special?

Murano glass Chandelier were always a popular interior decoration accessory in the royal home. In other words, it’s a home decoration accessory for the rich because it’s very expensive and cannot be afforded by the urban middle class people. Furthermore, there are many people who also demand for a bespoke chandelier which is specifically made in keeping the requirement of the clients.

The antique and classy Murano Chandeliers are in huge demand and quickly grabbed by the home makers because of its beautiful design. Obviously, you can also get it at a cheaper price in the auctions or online stores. But, you can also get customized chandeliers which are specifically made by the professional artists. So, grab it now in the auction site.

Look For A Reputed Murano Glass House

The fact is, every Murano glass house manufacturer has their specific style while they are designing the chandeliers. The professional artists add their own touch while designing the glass chandeliers. Fortunately, there are many reputed glass houses who are manufacturing the ancient chandeliers using the ones present in museums, galleries or royal homes. This is because they are in a huge demand in the modern contemporary homes.

When you decide to buy Murano chandelier for your home, you should understand that it will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will also add value to it. They are not just a decoration piece for your home; it’s a lot more than that. Therefore, it’s definitely worth to invest in it. Isn’t it?

According to contemporary home owners, it’s an exceptional piece of art which gives a complete makeover to your home. It has different number of pieces which are specifically designed by a professional artisan and then they add a touch of uniqueness in it. And they are also customized by the professional artist which means you can easily get a customized piece for your home. Isn’t it great?

Although there are some homeowners who think that it’s too ornate, but it’s the colour and beauty of this exceptional art piece which makes it unique. It creates a beautiful and stunning effect, especially when the effect of lightning. You can get these chandeliers in different sizes, patterns and colours. However, you should always keep the interior design theme of your home in mind while choosing the chandeliers.

While you are shopping for these chandeliers, you can also get the copies of the chiocche designs for your home. However, it comes at a good price and so cannot be afforded if you are on a tight budget. Others are mainly designed of different glass flowers. Some of the chandeliers also consist of four or eight lights and so it looks large. For those who are looking for simple designs, they should look for chandeliers of a single colour.


Whatever class or taste you have, or your interior decorating has, you can always get a customized murano chandelier which fits your style and taste. Keep all these great tips in mind while choosing chandeliers for your home.

Happy Shopping!

The article was contributed by Dan Greetel a blogger of home décor and housing finance industry.