Eagle Rivet offers a wide variety of services for flat roof construction and maintenance. For commercial buildings, EPDM, or TPO roofing from a Boston commercial roof contractor, Eagle Rivet uses only the ideal roofing materials to maximize the life of your roof. These are materials that are installed with ease and are economic choices. They are thick,rubber-like materials that can be applied over the top of your roofing system for a single-ply membrane that truly delivers.

The benefits of having a flat roof outweigh older, more traditional roofing systems. These systems outperform previous roofing materials in various weather conditions, withstand more severe temperatures, are flexible to prevent breakage and cracking, and will last for decades. These roofing systems are ideal for businesses who are looking to save money, as they reduce energy costs as well. A roof acts as the first line of defense for your building. If you have a good roof, you will have a healthy building.

A Boston flat roofing contractor from Eagle Rivet can help you get quality roofing materials that will last longer than traditional roofing materials. Since rubber is long lasting, it will not degrade from the UV rays and is a very low maintenance roof option. For cleaning, a light cleaning with a sponge mop and water once a year is ideal. This will help remove any debris in order for the rubber material to work its best.

With a Boston EPDM flat roof, the versatility and durability of the material makes it a top choice for contractors all over. With light, annual preventative roof maintenance, your EPDM and TPO roof will last and is a less expensive roof option than other roofing materials like aluminum. For a free commercial roofing estimate, contact Eagle Rivet today!