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From leaks to faulty shingles, you have probably encountered some of the more common problems associated with roofs. While you may be tempted to get up on the roof yourself and address these issues on your own, it’s always wise to hire a professional like Art Construction for your roofing needs. Below are some common roofing problems to be aware of:


Undoubtedly one of the more common roofing problems, leaks are a major annoyance, but they must be addressed immediately so as not to cause further problems. Roofs can leak for a variety of reasons, such as improperly fastened flashing details during installation, incorrect installation of single-ply membrane roofs featuring unstable seams, and inadequate head and backwater laps that allow water to get underneath. Membranes must be waterproof with the ability to hold and deflect water, with seams glued on or welded on with heat.

Flashing is essentially metal — either aluminum or copper — or a plastic film applied where different materials join. An example of this is where the masonry chimney and roofing shingles intersect or where the siding meets the frames of your windows. It’s important to have professionally-installed flashing to keep the roof watertight.


Improperly installed flashing can also lead to open seams, encouraging blow-offs and a reduction in puncture resistance. If seams aren’t properly cured or installed by professionals, this can lead to less wind uplift resistance, causing damage to the roof membrane. The last thing you want is for parts of your roof to blow off or billow in the wind.

Improper Installation

An improperly installed roof will have a low life expectancy, causing problems with proper adhesion if materials are cleaned, primed, and dried before being installed. This condition is difficult to detect with the naked eye, though, so this is another area where you should consider hiring a professional to fix the roof.

Construction Plan


When you neglect your roof, it shows. You can avoid a lot of problems down the road if you conduct regular maintenance and upkeep on your roof. It’s as easy as monitoring the roof on a regular basis, giving it a visual inspection and then addressing problems a professional roofer may encounter. Catching them sooner rather than later can save you from headaches and financial outlays when something major does go wrong. Small repairs over time, such as to address ponding water, unfilled pitch pockets, and flashing that has slipped, can save you significant money over the long run.

Corroded Flashing

If you are experiencing leaks or noises, you may have to replace any flashing that has been corroded or damaged. This job requires a professional, as slathering on more tar won’t solve the problem, instructs This Old House. If you do add more tar, you can actually cause more corrosion by trapping water between the metal and tar on the roof. Hiring a certified and licensed contractor or roofer for this and any roofing job is the way to go to ensure a quality roof repair.