When it comes to choosing the kitchen utensils such as spatulas, whisks, pans and lot more kitchen gadgets, you need to figure out what is your requirement. Because there are numerous varieties of kitchen products available. First, you have to think on what type of cook you are. If you love cooking, you will require all the kitchen essentials.

However, for a basic cooking you will need a few numbers of spatulas, pans and whisks. In this article, you will get an idea about different spatulas like metal spatula, silicon spatula, fish turner spatula and so on.

So, What Is Spatula?

Generally, a spatula is a broad, flat object that use in cooking for turner, skimmer and to lift the food. It is a hand-held tool to lift, flip and spread the food. It has a long handle to hold.

A spatula is an essential for many types of cooking such as Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and many more varieties. Generally, spatulas are specially needed when frying the food and flipping the food.

The spatulas are usually made from metal, wood, rubber, and silicon. Among them, metal ones generally come with wood or plastic handle to hold and lift.

These days many varieties of spatulas are available in the market. You can find them from fish turner spatula to frosting ones.

To know more about spatula types, continue with reading further:

  1. Fish Turner Spatula

This spatula generally comes with metal head and wooden or plastic handle for hold. You can also get this spatula in non-stick rubber or silicon body. It’s very versatile and all-purpose slotted spatula.

It is very bendable and its blade is very strong to hold fish, or pan cakes without motion.

  1. A Plastic Spatula

This is silicon coated spatula. It is specially made for non-stick cookware because it won’t scratch the delicate surface of non-stick pan. This plastic spatula is made from a solid piece of silicon, so, there are no grooves that trap food. It’s very easy to clean.

  1. A Silicon Spatula

It’s a small spatula for preparing batters, dough and for cooking over high heat. This spatula is available in more colors and varieties. This tool is flexible enough to glide smoothly.

  1. A Metal Turner

This metal turner is the best for the grill or griddle. It comes with a thick and heavy blade. It is the perfect spatula for lifting burgers and fishes. It has a metal blade that is sturdy and solid. It has beveled edges on all the three sides of the blade that allowed the spatula to carry pancakes easily.

  1. A Wood Turner

It has wooden body. This wood turner covers a lot of surface area on the bottom of a pan that makes best at scraping up fond. The only drawback of this wooden turner is that direct contact with the flame. Because through direct contact it may burn.

  1. An Offset Spatula

It has long sharp stainless steel blade and wooden handle for hold the spatula. It slides under delicate freshly-backed cookies with the ease. The angle of the offset blade is very easy and provides enough clearance while frosting.

Final Note

Choosing spatulas for kitchen is must. Your kitchen must have metal fish spatula, plastic or silicon coated spatula, high-heat silicon spatula and a metal turner. They are essential for daily cooking practices.

Before you buy such ones, consider this article to have an enough idea about spatulas. While purchasing, make sure with the quality of the spatulas because its matter of your kitchen, your food, your health.