Composite materials have become tremendously common as a building material nowadays. Most specifically, composite doors, windows, and frames. They are found in many houses throughout the UK, with many more people adopting them. In 2017, it’s widely expected that their popularity will continue to grow as more residential and commercial buildings replace their windows and doors with composite frames.

In fact, according to one study, composite doors have become as popular as uPVC doors, if not more. As the name suggests, these doors are generally made using a variety of different materials. PVC, steel, polyurethane foam, glass reinforced plastic, and other glass panels are built into the doors in order to make them quite sturdy. Their thickness is usually around 1.7 inches, and they are ideal for use in a variety of different settings. Companies such as Elitis have now begun to offer an extensive range of different types of composite doors. You can choose from their three composite door ranges if you are looking to replace the doors in your house. Here are just some of the many reasons why the composite doors are the primary choice of 2017.

Strong and Sturdy

When buying new doors for the house, the first thing that you will want to check is whether the doors are sturdy and capable of resisting impact or not. You don’t want to buy doors that make it easy for unwanted visitors to get in with minimal effort. However, you don’t need to worry about anything with composite doors. They are strong, durable, and sturdy. The use of different materials makes the door considerably harder and a lot more durable. Due to their durability, these doors generally last quite a bit longer than conventional wooden doors. As a result, you will get a greater return on your investment.

Painting is not a Problem

Another reason why composite doors have become such a popular choice nowadays is because their maintenance is extremely cheap. Painting the doors is completely unnecessary, as the composite finish will never lose its colour as long as it’s undamaged. If the door gets dirty, the only thing that you need to do is to wash it just like you would wash the windows. They don’t require any sort of colouring or covering material on top either. Apart from that, you should know that the glass plastic veneer on top of the composite doors doesn’t get damaged due to wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about scratches or marks on the glass doors at all.

There are composite doors available that can suit virtually all kinds of properties. They are also customisable in many different ways, so you can add different kinds of locks as well. Composite doors are fast becoming popular amongst homeowners, with more and more clients opting for them. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly, as companies use recycled materials during the manufacture of such doors. These doors are an excellent choice if you want to completely revitalise your place.