Anyone who has worked with concrete knows that mistakes can be time-consuming and costly. Accurate timing and precise measurements are needed to make sure any job involving concrete is done correctly. Regrettably, miscalculations involving amounts and delivery times happen all the time. In order to avoid these costly mistakes, it is important to put your trust in a concrete company that provides you with all the tools you need to minimise these risks. This can be done by employing some helpful customer service options through online websites. Here are some of the ways good concrete companies are helping their customers online.

Accurate Measuring Equals Accurate Amounts

Having either too much or too little concrete can be a costly mistake. In order to avoid this, good businesses that focus on ready mixed concrete in Essex and elsewhere in the world have begun employing a simple, yet ingenious way to make sure you are getting the correct amount right from their website. This tool allows a potential customer to enter in the width, length and depth of the area where they are going to pour concrete and the amount of concrete needed in cubic meters is then determined from the measurements entered. Using this simple tool is great, because it shows the customer exactly how much concrete they are going to need. Having this information saves time and money and is a great option for any concrete company website to employ.



Another option concrete companies are offering to their customers is an online link to social media sites. Many potential customers in this day and age will not hire a company if they don’t have reviews and other information available to the public. They want to know what other people had to say about the company in order to make an intelligent decision. This level of transparency helps concrete companies educate and inform their customers, which is greatly appreciated.