FreeStand Baths

Modern bathroom have successfully replaced the traditional ones with their appealing fixture designs and finishes. For a sophisticated bath, the bath tub forms the most essential part. Hence it has to be selected carefully adhering to all considerations related to the bathroom. Today, designers have come up with a myriad of choices for free stand baths with but you may face a hard time searching one because the luring style, shape and sizes is bound to keep you confused. However if you land up with a mistaken choice, then it can ruin the entire look of the bathroom. Out of the stock available, you thus need to select the perfect free standing bathtub keeping the size of the bathroom primarily into concern.

FreeStand Baths

3 important factors guiding your choice

To help you get the suitable free standing tub, here is a brief detail about the factors to be considered.

Size and shape

Free stand baths available at come in a myriad of sizes and shapes. But for selecting one, you need to make first measure your bathroom space carefully and then move ahead looking out the designs which can fit easily in the space available. There are some sizes and shapes which require large space, say for instance the round tubs which are designed for being placed in the center require adequate space all around. Thus it is suitable for large bathrooms but if you have small space left, you can go for the corner tubs. Also you need to measure the hallways and openings.

Considering Material

Free standing baths are now made from both traditional as well as exotic materials thus offering you with a plethora of choices. Among traditional materials you have cast iron, acrylic, copper while among the trendy materials used are stone, concrete, stainless steel.  Also wood is used for making bathtubs giving your bathroom a unique touch. However when making a choice, it is the maintenance, appearance and durability of the material which you need to think about first. At time, a tub made from the most durable material like stone requires more maintenance than a tub made from acrylic. In such case, the frequency of using the tub plays an important role affecting the decision.

Preferred Style

Traditional, modern, classic or Avant-grade: which is your preferred style? No. Answering this isn’t difficult at all and once you do so, you can explore the tub designs coming within your preferred category. You can go for the pedestal or clawfoot tubs if you are having a bathroom with the traditional touch whereas the modern baths require something more which might surprise you. Sleek circular bathing tubs are most preferred by all but the same can be chosen if you have ample space in the bathroom. If you are looking for a bathtub which is both flexible and accessible easily, then you must go for a walk-in bathing tub.


Upon considering these factors, you can get a free standing bath tub meeting your choice and fitting well in the bathroom thus enhancing its appearance. Specially if you are working with a bathroom having limited space, then considering the size matters most. On the contrary, the last two plays an important role.