Glass Solutions

Have you noticed how much glass is used in construction these days? You might have recently visited a friend’s home and been impressed with their new glass pool fencing, or perhaps that tasteful glass balustrade in the living room, and whether domestic or commercial environments, glass is the ideal material for modern design. Toughened safety glass removes all concerns of an accident, and with customised solutions, you have a perfect fit. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ways Australian homeowners are utilising glass in their homes.

  • Glass Balustrades – The ultimate in practicality and style, a custom built glass balustrade is the perfect way to provide that essential support, and with frameless designs, you can keep things streamlined. If you happen to live in the Melbourne area, there’s good news in the form of a warehouse supplier, Exakt Glass, who actually cut glass balustrade panels to the client’s specifications, and with DIY fitting, you will save a significant amount. They have a handy online balustrade calculator, to help you measure, and with a choice of pinned or frameless, your new balustrade will perfectly compliment the home.
  • Pool Fencing – This has to be customised, as every garden (and pool) is unique, and with a choice of sleek, frameless panels, or the classic pinned variety, you can actually design your own style, placing the gate exactly where you want it. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, this is something your local handyman would enjoy, and a couple of hours is all it takes, if you have the right equipment. The supplier would give full fitting instructions and would provide everything, except the tools. You have likely been quoted for glass pool fencing and thought it a little pricey, and when you consider than a large portion of the cost goes toward installation (even though the supplier will tell you otherwise), the DIY solution is the best option.
  • Glass Balconies – If you have a nice veranda or balcony and would like support that does not block that amazing view, then glass is the ideal material, and once you have located an online supplier of customised glass fencing, measure up using their handy calculator, choose your design, and place the order. Full fitting instructions are given, and they also stock glass fixtures and fittings, making the entire balcony screen glass, which is super easy to clean.

Glass has recently seen an expansion in the modern, urban home, and when you realise the many benefits, it is easy to understand why glass is such a popular material for the homeowner. Fortunately, there is an online glazing company that deals only in customised glass balustrades and fencing, and with their help, your new screening will be the envy of all the neighbours. If you would like to browse a selection of modern glass balustrades and pool fencing, an online search is all it takes, and you might be surprised at how reasonable a DIY solution actually is.