There’s no better way to accentuate your home interior than a good amount of natural light. Daylight automatically opens your space up, brightens the rooms, decreases your utility bills, and overall, improves the aura of your home. Most times, it takes just a little tweak here and there and a few design tricks to achieve a well-lit room. Whether it’s changing your curtains or shutters to Venetian blinds or using light coloured décor or wall paint, you can easily let more light into your homes without breaking the bank! Here’s how!

Choose a pale, light colour scheme

Choosing a lighter colour scheme seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a design trick worth repeating. Your interior wall colour is the best way to reflect natural light back into your home! Choose lighter colours for home items that produce higher LRV (light reflectance value), whether it’s the fabric of your window covering or light flooring materials. 

A fresh coat of white paint is also a great way to lighten up your rooms. Additionally, using glossier paint for your walls can give off a mirror-like effect. Giving your space this opportunity to brighten up will decrease your dependence on artificial lighting, which means more savings in the long run.

Use glass or reflective tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms

Apart from using mirrors to reflect light, using glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes is a clever and great alternative to reflect more light! Glass tiles reflect almost 100% of the light that hits them. You can also level up your kitchen backsplashes by installing high-glossy ceramic tiles that are cheaper and reflect more light compared to concrete materials. 

Add Roof Lights or Skylights

Skylights are a great way to open your home to natural light. What’s great about roof lights is that they’re quick to install in both flat and pitched roofs and don’t require planning to install. Plus, they allow a far greater amount of light to flood your space than what you get from your typical vertical windows. As it generates “top light”, you get more than three times amount of brighter light than regular windows!

Use Venetian blinds for windows

As you enlarge your windows, you need to choose window coverings that let you control the light that enters your home. Venetian blinds have been the most popular choice of blinds and for many great reasons. It’s extremely versatile, highly customisable, easy to maintain, and an affordable window solution. Plus, Venetian blinds have a simple cord system so you can close your blinds for privacy or open them up to bring in maximum daylight for your homes.

Enlarge existing windows

If you have the opportunity to add new windows that faces east, south, or west to catch the sunlight, great! But you can also widen or enlarge your existing windows if need be. Though significantly more expensive than adding roof lights, altering your windows to introduce more natural light, especially in the dark places of your home, is well worth it!

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