Home Security

We could all probably do something that would improve the security of our homes. Certainly any time we can devote to improving home security is time well spent. You’ll not only benefit from added peace of mind when you are away from your home, but you may also find that your house insurance premium falls as a result of fitting insurance industry approved locks.

Improving our home security needn’t be expensive – often some of the cheaper home security upgrades are more effective at keeping burglars out.

Home Security

75% of Burglar Alarms are Ignored

There is some evidence to suggest that alarms may not be the best security upgrade for your home. A survey published in this online article by Building Construction & Design suggests that 75% of us ignore burglar alarms because we’re unsure what action to take.

Even a modest home security alarm system is going to cost you around £400 with installation. There are some alarm companies that will fit an alarm system for a low initial payment, followed by two or three years of monthly payments. This may seem an attractive offer until you add up the total cost, which is typically 3 or 4 times that the cost the alarm system and fitting.

Lower cost security improvements

Fit window locks

Any window that is big enough for a person to squeeze through has to be considered as a vulnerability to our home security. Generally a burglar will want to prize the window open with force rather than smashing the glass, as the noise this causes draws attention.

Most window units, even on older glazing systems are capable of having a window security lock fitted to them. What’s more they’re really easy to fit too!u

Improve your door locks

Older door locking mechanisms just don’t offer the same level of security as newer ones. This is especially the case with Euro locks which are commonly fitted to uPVC doors. Many of the older Euro locks are prone to lock snapping – the burglar literally snaps the front of your lock off with a pair of pliers, exposing the locks mechanism to open the door.

Again you can keep the costs of lock replacement down by doing the job yourself, though it is important to make sure you are fitting the right lock for your door. We found a really 4 step guide to finding the right door lock at www.upvcdoorlocks.co.uk.

Secure you outbuildings

When giving your home security an overhaul, don’t forget your sheds and outbuildings. They’re often an easy target for thieves. Make sure a decent hasp and staple are fitted, preferably one at the top and bottom of the shed door and always use a good quality padlock.

Whilst you are outdoors, check that your fence panels in good condition and if you have any gates in the fence, make sure they are fitted with a lock on the inside.

Move temptation out of sight

This home security improvement costs nothing at all. Simply remove any valuable goods from the line of sight of windows and also from the line of sight of the letterbox. If a thief can’t see anything worth breaking in for, chances are they’ll move on to another property.

Make sure any keys you have are also not in sight of the letterbox – thieves are quite adept with long hooks to grab keys through the letterbox – they can simply let themselves into your home with your keys and maybe help themselves to your car too.

There you have it. Without spending a fortune, the steps in our blog will have helped you to improve your home security and will hopefully help you keep your home secure. Don’t forget to list any window locks and door locks that you have fitted when you apply for your home insurance renewal. These additional security measures may save you some money.