zero maintenance garden

There was once a time where the best gardens were deemed as those which had the most greenery, the best water features and a Wimbledon-esque lawn. With the average person seemingly having much less free time available, this has changed drastically and the main approach seems to be preparing a garden so that it needs to be maintained as little as possible.

Admittedly, the above might not always apply and if we take a look at the retired market in particular, such individuals might like nothing more than a flamboyant yard. However, on the most part, gardens are turning into more hassle than they are worth and for this reason it’s a very good idea to create a maintenance-free one if you are looking to place your home on the market.

Taking the above into account, we’re now going to take a look at several steps that you can take to make your garden a little easier to manage. You’re unlikely to be able to pull off all of the following in one day, but every little will help and perhaps make your property more enticing for the busy buyer. Furthermore, most are easily achievable for the sole individual and as long as you are equipped with the appropriate garden clothing and tools from brands such as CAT workwear, you’re all set to give your garden the perfect, zero maintenance makeover.

zero maintenance garden

Pull out the deck – get rid of the lawn

Anyone who currently boasts a large lawn will most probably be bemoaning the amount of work that has gone into it over the last few months. First there was the hottest summer we’ve experienced for many a year, then came the rain that meant that most lawns spiralled out of control. This meant that immediately after treating all of the brown patches that were caused by the constant sun, the lawnmower had to be pulled from the shed to deal with the sudden growth from the rainfall. Therefore, replacing your lawn with decking cuts out absolutely all of this maintenance, and provides a perfect sitting area for you and the family.

Weed barriers are the greatest invention to man

Weeding is a nightmare for any homeowner – whether they are a fan of gardening or not. Fortunately, weed barriers are available from most DIY stores and can be an absolute godsend. Instead of just leaving the plants in your garden in standard soil, add a weed barrier and apply small pebbles or bark. Therefore, the weeds will not be able to prod through and become visible, with most stores suggesting that they work for several years at a time.

Evergreen plants are the only option

On the subject of plants, don’t buy ones that are only going to blossom in the summer. Neutral, evergreen types are the way to go as these require absolutely no maintenance and will look after themselves all year round.

Better still, opt for subtle features instead

In fact, if you want to reduce the maintenance to an all-time low, consider ditching plants wherever possible. Admittedly, you may need some just to add some character to the outdoor space, but features such as furniture and solar lights can take up space and don’t require any maintenance throughout the year.