Multi-functional room

The so-called ‘tiny home revolution’ has been steadily gaining momentum especially in urban areas where land prices are steadily going up. One of the biggest secrets to how these tiny homes are able to effectively fit everything in is that they are usually fitted with closets that have multi-functional designs. This means that the closet is not limited for storing clothes alone.

The awkward spaces around inside the closet are all maximized to hold a lot of knick-knacks. This multi-functionality is something that even the people who live in ‘normal’-sized homes can definitely make use of.Multi-functional room

Organizing a closet can be done through the following steps:

  1. Go through every piece of clothing that has been hanging on the closet for a certain amount of time. Label each piece that hasn’t been used for at least a year. Either sell these pieces or donate them to shelters. Do the same thing with accessories including shoes, bags, scarves, and everything else.
  2. Once all the unnecessary clutter has been removed, take inventory of the leftover pieces. Assess which items already have fixed storage spaces and which ones are often lying around.

Homeowners often find that belts, scarves, ties, jewelry and other tiny items are often the ones that do not have fixed storage spaces. This lack of storage space often results in a lot of clutter. In order to minimize the clutter caused by stray accessories, homeowners can add the following DIY storage spaces on their closets:

  • Install a belt rack at the free space just inside the closet door. The multiple hooks on each belt rack gives homeowners the advantage of being able to hang each of their belts on its own space. This means that they wouldn’t have to take too much time in getting that one belt that’s hanging underneath a pile of other belts.
  • Ties and scarves can be organized by looping them up on towel rods. The towel rod can either be screwed on one side of the closet door or on the sides of the closet. Another way of organizing these is by tying a bunch of them up on hangers.
  • Use hooks and screws for hanging various pieces of jewelry. DIY experts often suggest attaching several hooks onto a corkboard and then hanging the jewelry up on these hooks. Hang the corkboard on a visible part of the bedroom so that it can serve the dual purpose of being a jewelry-holder and room décor in one. Truss clips may be required for added strength.
  • Hang bags on towel hooks or s-hooks. To maximize the space, hang multiple hooks on durable metal hangers. This way, more bags can be stored on a single hanger. The bag hanger can then be hung on one side of the hanging rod so that the bags wouldn’t take up too much space. Place purses and wallets that do not have loops for hanging inside metal baskets screwed on one side of the closet that is within easy reach.

There is usually a wide variety of hooks and screws to choose from websites like Tradefix Direct or Screwfix, or pop down to your local builders merchants.