A good night’s sleep is an essential part of being healthy and having a great day every day. However, many people struggle to get this time they need each night to restore and relax. There might be a lot of different reasons for this, but one common culprit is the bedroom.

It is important that people keep in mind relaxation first when designing their bedroom. There are a lot of common things in a bedroom that can disrupt relaxation and even cause stress. Here are some ways to create a more relaxing bedroom.

Try some white noise instead of upbeat music

Many people will play music or have their TV on at night as a distraction to help them fall asleep. This may seem helpful, but dramatic shows or upbeat music can actually stimulate a person and keep them up at night. Everyone should learn more about channels that will play soft, relaxing music without many bright lights or screens to encourage restful sleep.

Be careful with color

Color can determine a person’s mood in any room. For the bedroom, it is best to stick with soft, calming colors like blue or green. If the need for color strikes, add some bright throw pillows for a festive touch.

Clear out some space

Clutter can be extremely distracting for everyone. Cleaning up the space and organizing the clutter of the bedroom can help anyone rest more easily. Additionally, try to keep the space around the head of the bed clear to avoid feeling trapped in bed.

Create a soothing scent

Smell is another sense that can help people feel more relaxed or more alert. Choosing the right scent to fill the room is important to help encourage relaxation. Some scented candles or essential oils in scents like lavender or chamomile will help anyone feel more at ease.

Stick with soft lighting

Lighting is not a very essential part of anyone’s bedroom. Most people would be fine with just a reading light on the side of the bed. Limiting the lighting to soft or dim options will help everyone calm down at the end of the day.

Control natural light

Natural light is great for other areas of the home, but in the bedroom, it can be overwhelming. Invest in light-blocking curtains and only use natural light in the mornings to wake up. Another idea is to use the natural light as a sort of alarm clock to help people wake up easily and without a harsh alarm in the morning.

Test out some Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a method that people have been using for many years to help fulfill certain intentions in the home, and a restful night’s sleep is one intention people set most often. Some common practices people incorporate to create a more balanced room include putting the bed on the opposite side of the room as the door and keeping any work related items outside of the bedroom.