When it comes to loft conversions, many people stick to transforming their spaces into a bedroom or bathroom, but as the conversion style is becoming more and more popular, newer décor ideas are being added to the mix. Being creative with your interior design can be so much fun, as well as having a number of benefits. By creating a bold, unique design within your home, you’re able to put your own personal stamp on the interiors, as well as adding value to the property. It can be difficult to decide on which room will work best for your home, so take a look at these creative conversion ideas to see which might be the best choice for you and your home!

Children’s Play Area

If you currently have a selection of children’s toys gathered in every room in your house, you may find that dedicating a whole room to your children’s toys could make a huge difference to the rest of your home. It’s never fun to stand on a tiny piece of Lego or almost break your neck tripping over a teddy bear, but with little ones around, you just never know what toys are going to be where. Turning your loft conversion into a fun playroom for your children will be really useful for keeping their toys in one place for them to play with and make a creative mess. You could also create a small TV area for them to watch their favourite programmes, giving them their own space to enjoy and look after themselves.

Recreational Games Room

Imagine having your own games room at the top of your house, where you can go to escape and enjoy some pool or a quick game of table tennis. It’s something many people dream of adding to their homes, and with a loft conversion you have both the space and ability to create a games room of your own. If you wanted to use the room for a social space as well as a gaming area, you could look at introducing a small bar area with a snazzy counter and stylish bar stools to add some more character to the room. When it comes to the entrance to your games room, you could look at adding some stairs to mirror the other floors within your home, or, for a more private loft feel, you could stick to a permanent loft ladder to access the room.

Hidden Cinema Room

With the cost of cinema tickets soaring, why not create your very own, hidden cinema room within your home. There are so many stylish seating arrangements that would enable you to recline back and watch your favourite film, whilst still keeping the room on trend and classy. You could also look at introducing a large screen or projector feature to really gain that cinematic experience. Another thing to consider with this style of room is the lighting. Introduce some mood lighting to your loft conversion to enable you to control the mood of the room and set the perfect atmosphere.

A Place to Work

It isn’t the most exciting of conversion ideas, but by adding a home office to your property you can save yourself lots of money on office rent, whilst also providing you with a space to focus, zone out and concentrate in peace. Working from the living room or kitchen can be difficult due to different distractions throughout the day, so having your own office will be ideal for you. This would be a great space to keep your personal items such as bills and other paperwork that needs to be stored away neatly and organised.

A Home Gym

Whether you’re someone who enjoys working out with weights and heavy machines, or you’re more of a yoga or Pilates kind of person, you can transform your loft into a spacious, fresh area for you to do your workouts. Introducing your own gym equipment to your home gym will encourage you to work out more, giving you a private space that you can use whenever it suits you. There’s no need to worry about gym fees or how busy it’ll be, your own space will be specially designed to suit your wants and needs!