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Those single serve coffee makers are all the rage these days, and a growing number of java enthusiasts are trading in their traditional coffee makers for single serve machines made popular by brands like Keurig. These single serve coffee makers are ideal for single people who do not want or need an entire pot of coffee, but they are also popular with couples, families and others who love the taste of fresh brewed coffee.

As with any other home appliance, it is important to use your new single serve coffee maker properly and care for it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Following the recommendations of the manufacturer when you use and clean your single serve coffee maker can extend the life of the product, but it can also make the coffee you brew taste better.

Watch the Video Instead Of Reading

If you do not want to read a boring manual, you can learn about your new single serve coffee maker by watching an instructional video. These videos are widely available online, and they are fun to watch and very informative.

Once you know how to use your new single serve coffee maker, you can start brewing your favorite coffee. As you start to use the machine, you may find that brewing a cup at a time is more costly than you thought. Those single serve pods are convenient, but they can also be expensive.

That is why so many owners of single serve coffee makers are choosing reusable pods they can fill with fresh ground beans. These reusable pods can cut the cost of a single cup substantially, as can buying in bulk and looking for deals.

coffee maker

Proper Use and Maintenance Prolongs the Life of the Machine

No matter what brand of single serve coffee maker you have, proper cleaning can keep it running like new and make sure every cup you brew will taste just as good as the last. Regular cleaning is the key to great tasting coffee, no matter what type of coffee maker you own.

Cleaning and Descaling

Start by removing the water level guide from the machine, then pull out the drip tray and the funnel that holds the individual cups. To start the cleaning, dip a toothbrush in white vinegar and gently brush away the coffee grounds inside the machine. Clean the entire inside of the machine, including where the funnel goes. Once that is done, you can finish by descaling the coffee maker.

Fill the water reservoir on the machine with white vinegar and set a mug on the drip tray. Wait five seconds, lower the brewer handle and press the brew button. Wait for the vinegar to go through the machine and then dump the hot liquid down the sink.

Depending on how dirty your single serve coffee maker is, you may need to repeat this descaling process a few times to get the entire inside clean. Repeating the cleaning process once or twice a month will reduce the amount of descaling you have to do and ensure you have great tasting coffee every morning.

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