Custom kitchen cabinets play a role in every kitchen. Cabinetry styles and designs directly influence the overarching feel of a kitchenÕs interior. Cabinets also provide the bulk of the storage capacity in a kitchen.

A custom cabinet design usually incorporates a number of different cabinetry styles and shapes. These cabinet types can all have different purposes benefits and design elements. Incorporating custom cabinetry in your kitchen design allows the space to utilise space better, as well as feel much more personalised and upscale.

Stock cabinets can leave a space feeling enclose or busy, as well can leave a space under-fulfilled in regards to its storage potential. Consider these custom cabinet types and styles when considering your cabinetry design ideas. For more information, visit a professional showroom or contact an experienced custom cabinet contractor.

Custom Base Cabinetry

Base cabinets rise up from the floor. These cabinets are commonly 24 inches deep ad 36 inches tall. Though, specialty sizes are available in custom designs. Base cabinets can be installed with a number of riser or toe sizes that can range from 1 to 4 inches in height. These cabinets are commonly used for the storage of dishes and cookware. These cabinets tend to have the most innovative and customised shelving designs. Drawers are becoming a more popular choice for base cabinets in contemporary kitchen designs.

Custom Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets tend to sit over the kitchen backsplash. These cabinets are commonly between 12 and 17 inches deep. Wall cabinets are often the first thing someone sees when they enter a kitchen space for the first time. Wall cabinets are the most common type of cabinet to have custom panel materials like glass or wire or to have interior LED lighting. Wall cabinets can utilise small shelving on the inside of their doors to create more organised storage systems while increasing the overall storage capacity of the space.

Tall Custom Cabinetry

Tall cabinetry is a common form of base cabinet that rises above the kitchen countertops. These cabinets can be ideal for creating insets for appliances or for kitchen corners. Tall cabinetry can be upwards of 80 inches in height, which also allows for immense storage capacity in a single unit. These cabinets can also be perfect for storing large items like brooms, vacuums and appliances.

Cabinet Drawers

Drawers are becoming ever more popular for the sleek, modern look and increased storage capacity. While shelves can be more organised and offer better viewpoints for locating small items, drawers offer increased storage for large pots, mixers, toasters and other large kitchen items. Innovative drawer designs can also include smaller interior drawers that help promote a more organised storage system. Stacked base drawers are a very popular and beneficial custom cabinetry design option. These can also be very effective for promoting the geometric and horizontal flow that is desired out of modern kitchen designs.

Specialty Units

Specialty units are items that only custom cabinetry designs can offer. Theses units are designed to maximise both the space available in the kitchen as well as the storage capacity of your kitchen space. Deep drawers, corner cabinet, bottle rack, stovetop fronts and more can all be custom designed to ensure your cabinetry design is a beautiful and complete as possible. Stock cabinets often leave gaps or use spacer pieces where a custom design implement a specialty unit.