If it’s been about 10 years since you last replaced your boiler or scheduled a professional inspection, it’s important to note that contemporary gas appliances are much more advanced and sophisticated than the hefty, cumbersome models of years past.

Thus, we’ve created this brief editorial to help you understand the documented benefits of upgrading your outmoded boiler, gas cooker, or gas fireplace to a modernised variant.

Significant Boost in Energy Efficiency

If you partner with a versatile team of gas installers in SO19, you’ll be able to swap out your old boiler for a high-efficiency model and immediately start saving money:

  • Old-fashioned boilers are generally classified as 50% to 70% energy efficient, which means that they waste copious amounts of fuel during operation.
  • However, today’s best-rated boilers can reach 90% efficiency or more.
  • As such, a tailored installation could help you save anywhere from £200 to £500 per year depending upon your consumption rate.

Based on several recent price versus value forecasts, your new boiler can basically pay for itself within just five years.

Improved Comfort Control and Quieter Operation

In the same way that laptops and other tech products have become smaller and more powerful during the past several years, so too have boilers and other gas appliances. In fact, many of the most sought-after modern boilers can actually be mounted onto a wall or tucked behind a cupboard and they come with a myriad of augmented inclusions such as enhanced thermostatic controls, noiseless functionality, and very sleek, stylish exoskeletons.

Irrespective of the size of your household or the scope of your heating needs, it makes a lot of sense to install some new gas appliances so be sure to book a site visit with a renowned service provider as soon as you can.

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