Winter is a time to truly enjoy your family time, especially with the festive season being in full swing. But winter also remains a season which can bring a lot of unwanted occupants to your homes, such as cockroaches, rats, critters, spiders, and other kinds of bugs. The best advice is to go out and hire a reputed Wentzville pest control service.

In addition to hiring a professional pest control company one can take some additional steps also which can help you prevent and protect your home from those nasty winter pests. Here’s our take on dealing with the most common winter pests.

Get rid of kitchen waste

These prehistoric bugs have survived it all. Unfortunately, cockroaches can infest your home in summers as well as winters. They are known carriers of salmonella, gastroenteritis and dysentery. Their droppings can even cause skin diseases and aggravate asthma.

The best way to keep your property clear of these miscreants is by clearing out waste food and places with moisture. You’d want to keep your pipes clean and store food in plastic or glass containers. Regularly clean your kitchen and sink spaces and take out the garbage every day.  Apart from these, the only other way to guarantee a cockroach-free home is to use profession pest control services.

Home repairs are a must

Though spiders aren’t as harmful as cockroaches they still have the ability to creep out most people. Spiders usually keep to themselves and only a dozen or so species (black widow, brown recluse etc.) among the thousands alive on Earth are actually harmful to humans.

Spiders survive on other insects, so if you’re seeing spiders around your house, it may be a sign that your house is being infested by other kinds of bugs. Try to plug holes in the walls, window sills, door frames and hinges, which usually make way for bugs.

Additionally, as a precaution, remember to vacuum your home regularly to ensure that it does not provide an ideal breeding ground for such pests. Additionally, shake out your old sweaters and pull-overs before using them, as they might be home to a spider.

Keep your surrounding clean

Rats are notorious for their ability to squeeze through almost anything. They tend to inhabit near dustbins, within the frameworks, and in sewers. As a result, they carry and spread various diseases like jaundice, cowpox and rat-bite fever.

You will need to clean the kitchen every day as well as take the trash out every day to keep chances of a rodent inhabitation at a minimum. Remember, rats can chew through almost everything. So, ensure that you do not store any food in cardboard containers and use only hard materials like polyurethane, wooden, glass or ceramic containers. Professional Wentzville pest control service providers mention that this will help you constrain food infection and also deny the rodents their food source.

These measures are typically such that can be easily followed at home. Cleaning out your closet, bed sheets, mattresses and linen also help you identify and remedy bed bug problems. Similarly, if you use firewood, try to keep the firewood outside of the house and on an elevated platform.

However, like I mentioned above these are addon steps which you can take to reduce the menace of bugs, finally you have to get some type of professional pest control done on time to time basis.