The New Year has just begun and in a few months time, spring will be knocking at your door steps. It is time to give your home a new look and new get up.  This year as you renovate your home,   try to spice things up with your own blend of creativity instead of sticking to the same old patterns and colour scheme.

Designers across the country are busy raking their brains for upcoming styles which would dominate 2017. There are many ways of decorating one’s home, but as of now we are going to concentrate only on the commonly predicted trend which can be easily incorporated in your decor scheme.

 Green shall be the dominating colour for this season. A green jute rug or sisal rug can help to bring a balance to the home. Apart from bringing in balance jute rugs are a very cost effective way of ensuring that your home looks revamped and welcoming, especially for the summer months.

In case you do not want to use jute rugs, you can simply throw in a simple green coloured cotton rug on the jute rug or simple use some green coloured accessories like green pillows, vases or lightening. These options provide you with an affordable way of renovating your house without pinching your pocket. However, if you are willing to spend a lot, you can try adding green table covers, sofas or beds.

If you wish to get really exotic, then don’t just stick to simple jute rugs or pillow covers. Try using some velvet accent textured chairs or use some furry pillows on your leather couch to enhance the overall appeal of your room.

Since we said, that this year green is the dominant colour, it does not mean you have to create a green house. You can mix and match your colours in different varying patterns and give your house an electric shine.  Let this year be all about mixing, matching and experimenting with stuff which are not conventional. Use conflicting patterns which would be your own version of a self created master piece. If you are not too sure about where should you start from, start experimenting with your jute rugs or any other natural fibre rugs where you would have plenty of options to experiment with.

This year jute rugs are very much in fashion and it is not unnatural to spot one in any upmarket carpet store.  In case you love the unique blend of comfort and elegance which jute rugs provide, you can order one from Floorspace.

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