Kitchens traditionally are not only a place where good food comes out of, but also where the family can gather and feel comfortable. Even in the modern day, interiordesigners seek to bring these multiple purposes together. This combination of functions makes it a unique place to design. The kitchen now more than ever is an important space to take advantage. As both sexes are now using the kitchen environment, as well as a widespread rise in healthy food and food culture, cooking is being redefined, and the kitchen is along with that.


The current trend is to have a combination of unexpected materials working together for a cohesive feel. Try and focus on clean, sleek materials that will shine in your kitchen. As the kitchen is a place that will be in the continuous cycle of cleaning and making dirty, you want a good material that does not stain or dirty quickly. Focus on the textures when it comes to choosing a material. Perhaps you want white or aluminum in some areas, and then a pop of antique wood in the cabinets or table. The mixture of surprise will make for a good eye-catcher.


Whites, off-whites, and gray colors are still the top choices in kitchen design. These neutral colors allow for light to make the kitchen feel bright and homey. Use these colors as a blank canvas, where you can begin to add in pops of color in tablecloths, cabinets, and other accessories. This will also allow you to change your color scheme depending on the seasons or your mood.


You should seek to make your appliances focus on comfort and practicality. The kitchen is not meant to be a place to flaunt what you have or a place to rest. You are always moving, and this is an area you want to keep calm in the business of the cooking process. Another design trend is in hiding your appliances with cabinet space. Having everything out on display in shelves can be distracting, whereas clean, smooth cabinet surfaces give the kitchen a sleek, modern feel.

There is a rise in the idea of a social kitchen, where the kitchen becomes a meeting point for family and friends. You want the kitchen to speak out as a calm and inviting place and not be overtaken with distractions. Consider adding an island, bar, or extra seating, so that people who come in do not feel the need to stand and watch as you work. You can also transform your kitchen space to blend in with your eating area. In the modern day, people are often in a hurry to get their meals made and eaten. Having a convenient yet comfortable spot right in the kitchen is an excellent solution.

Think of your kitchen as the new place for you, your family, and guests to be active in cooking and eating, but also a place to sit and make conversation. This duality works perfectly together and by following the above tips, you will have the ideal kitchen to not only prepare food, but also relax and enjoy yourself.