Designer Home

A lot of people think of buying a home the same way they think of buying a car. They know used costs less than new, unless it’s classic. Well, that’s a very wrongheaded way to look at home buying. Since the builders have to construct every home individually anyway, buying a customised home isn’t actually more work for them. In some instances, an already-constructed home might be slightly less expensive, but you’ll end up paying for all of the various repairs and remodels to get it in the shape you want. A bespoke home, designed and built to your specifications and needs, can actually save you a decent amount of money. Here’s how that works.

Prices Based on the Size of the Lot

Different states and cities levy their taxes based on various factors. Some cities charge based on the amount of street space you’re taking up. Some charge based on the acreage of the plot itself, regardless of street facade. If you live in an area that charges based on the street facade, you might want to save your money by buying a narrow plot of land. Narrow plots will take up less curb space. Thus, the home will cost less to build. However, houses built on those narrow plots of land can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you are not living in a house designed for a skinny strip, you will likely be living in a tiny, cramped house that doesn’t fit your needs.

Expert Sydney home builders can build a house perfectly designed for any plot of land, whether it’s narrow or wide. The various types of homes they build lend themselves to different sizes of land allotments.

Designer Home

Size of the Family

You don’t really want to have more home than you need. More home than you need means you’ll be paying for rooms that you don’t use. For example, if it’s just you and one other person in the house, you might want to have an open floor plan that allows room for a home theatre. However, if you have kids in the house, you might need to close off the floor plan and configure more bedrooms.

If you buy an already built home, you might end up with an open floor plan when you need a rather segmented floor plan. Therefore, you’ll have to pay someone to construct walls to convert your floor plan, or you’ll have to do it yourself over several weekends. What you might save buying a home that’s already built will quickly start to disappear as you do all of the necessary renovations to get the home into the shape you need it.

Many people like to plan ahead for changes in the size of their families, too. A mother-in-law apartment, either attached to the house, or alongside the house is always a great addition. If someone does come to stay in the apartment, you’ll have room for them, and they’ll have privacy. If no one ends up staying in the apartment, you’ll have an extra room for that theatre or whatever you want to use the room for in the future. You’ll save a lot of money having the same company build the extra apartment at the same time they’re building the house itself.