The transition from a virtual to a fully physical business, with a dedicated office, is a big move for any New Zealand brand. Even if it’s not a place you plan to stay for many years, it’s got to be right for your team to work at peak performance. Yet, it can be tricky to know what constitutes the perfect office space for your company.

Is it all about location? Should you focus on access to software and equipment? What about rates and terms? How important is the price? These are all essential questions, and they can help you pick a great home. On the other hand, every business is different, so don’t forget to take a close look at your specific needs. There is a flawless office fit out there for you.

This guide to choosing a superb office space for your enterprise will give you some inspiration.

Look At All the Options


These days, there’s just no obligation to agree to a lock in lease. In fact, they can make life really hard for young companies. If there is uncertainty about how fast you’ll grow (which is inevitable), being ‘locked in’ has the potential to become a very expensive mistake.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. Virtual offices, coworking spaces, and serviced suites usually come with flexible terms. The facilities in Wellington and Auckland allow tenants to edit, expand, or terminate their contracts at any time.

Leave Room for Growth


Speaking of change, the big benefit of these flexible office options is that providers are committed to helping businesses develop. Serviced providers, for example, commonly liaise with tenants when it’s time to move up to a bigger space.

They offer assistance in the form of free upgrades to larger suites within the same building, assuming that the tenant wishes to stay with them. It works the other way around too. If you need to downsize at speed, talk to the facility manager and arrange a relocation.

Choose a Superb Location


Whether you decide to go serviced, virtual, or traditional, the power of a great location should not be underestimated. When you’re just starting out, and your budget isn’t as generous as you’d like, this can be a challenge. However, coworking spaces provide a clever solution.

These premium workspaces are located in some of the most prestigious spots in New Zealand, usually close to the financial districts in the major cities. So, they look amazing on paper and have the ability to attract attention from local investors.

Invest In a Top Provider


Many of the alternative options dispense with the need for a traditional landlord, and this is something which most businesses find highly appealing. Serviced offices, for instance, don’t work in the same way as conventional leases. They can be as hands on or off as you prefer.

Yes, you’re still renting physical space, but the rules are flexible. It is your home, and you’re invited to stay for as long or as little as you like. Usually, the contracts run on a rolling basis. You don’t have to renew it every month, but you have the right to terminate it without charge.

Why Flexibility and Trust Are Key to Success


While serviced offices and coworking spaces are still a relatively new phenomenon, at least in terms of their popularity, they are fast becoming the ‘must have’ asset for entrepreneurs. They represent a chance to build up a relationship with a provider, without giving up control.

This is important because survival in modern markets is so often about having the ability to adapt to change. With a fully flexible, entirely negotiable lease, it won’t ever be forced upon you. You can grow, develop, and evolve at a pace which suits you.


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