In the UK, construction waste accounts for approximately 30% of all waste generated nationwide. Even greenfield sites which have never been built upon can generate large amounts of waste material.

Clearly more needs to be done to not only reduce the amount of waste produced but also to dispose of it in an environmentally friendlier manner. Luckily there is a solution.

What Can Be Recycled?

Pretty much anything you can think of. Most of the waste generated from a construction site isn’t suitable for landfill and can become hazardous to health. One example is the disposal of plasterboard which can create the gas hydrogen sulphide which is poisonous. Other waste can include:

  • Masonry which could be reused for further construction or in the building of new roads.
  • Old window and door frames which are perfectly suitable for reuse in other building projects.
  • Bathroom and kitchen fittings which are still in useable condition and could be reused elsewhere.
  • Concrete rubble which can be crushed and used as hardcore for other construction projects.
  • Plastic crates and sheeting.

Reclaim Materials

One trend that has caught on is the reclamation of old construction material, especially where it has been removed from a period building. One such example is the use of reclaimed brickwork. With care, it is perfectly possible to deconstruct a brick wall so that individual bricks are reusable. This becomes particularly important with the redevelopment of listed buildings as new materials aren’t suitable for use.

Slate roof tiles are another popular option for recycling as they can be expensive to buy new but are usually perfect salvageable. 

Build to Precise Dimensions

A lot of waste material generated is due to lazy preparation. Materials should be ordered in sizes that are suitable for the task at hand. Any material that needs to be cut is going to generate waste so you should only buy as much as you need and be more precise with measurements.

Locate a Recycling Centre

Any good construction contractor will know exactly where to dispose of or recycle waste material in the local area. Significant amounts of concrete rubble can be generated on a construction site which can be crushed and used again. For this reason, it should be collected and recycled.

The same goes for any steel reinforcement found in concrete.

Hire a Skip

The hiring of skips on a building site is common practise. A skip is available for most types of materials that you would wish to dispose of, as long as they aren’t hazardous to health. Asbestos for example would require much more care and should involve a specialist removal contractor.

For all other recycling and disposal needs, skips are perfect. Skips to hire in Doncaster are available for any construction project. You will typically have the skip in your possession for up to 7 days but this can be extended or reduced as required. If you’re not in Yorkshire or the North-East, there is sure to be a skip hire contractor operating in your area.

Regulations are now becoming much tighter in relation to the disposal of construction waste so make sure that you’re complying with your obligations.