Collect The Materials

Choosing an entrance mat for your home is by no means a petty decision. After having finished the rest of your house décor, don’t buy the first rug that comes your way because it might not blend well with the rest of the furnishings. Believe or not, the market is packed with beautiful rugs, yet if none fit your demands, you can always make a braided entrance mat. Be as creative as possible, use recycled materials, and don’t be afraid to improvise if you want your entrance rug to make an impression on your guests. Braiding a mat might seem challenging at first, but you’ll immediately see that the whole process can be a lot of fun. All you need is a bit of inspiration to get started.

Collect The Materials

Collect The Materials – Step 1

Start your DIY project for a braided entrance mat by collecting the materials you want to employ. Old clothes for example, rubber, old jeans, and old linen like sheets and curtains, and wine corks are just some ideas you might want to have in mind. Additionally tools you’ll need:

  • Utility knife and straight edge
  • Contact paper
  • Spray paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors, pencil, and a marker

Let’s focus on the type of entrance mat crafted and braided from old clothes.

Wash The Material – Step 2

After you picked the clothes make sure to wash them. Allow them do dry and afterwards you can begin the trimming process. Cut the fabric into 2-inch stripes and don’t use sturdy hems, pockets, and buttons. Stick to the plain fabric and try as much as you can to cut the pieces evenly. Your next move would be to sew (or tie) all the stripes together end-to-end in order to create stretched fabric lengths. Divide the stripes by three and let the braiding begin.

The Braiding Process – Step 3

Make use of a couple of stitches and a safety pin to hold 3 of the stripe sets together at one end. Use something heavy to weigh them down and make them stay still as you braid. The 3 stripes should be braided tightly, however not that tight because the material will start to pucker. After you reached the end of the 3 stripes, make sure to attach 3 new stripes with some stitches and move on with the process. Throughout the braiding process don’t forget to give the entrance mat a beautiful shape and sew that chosen pattern with stitches and strong thread. It is important for the material to be tightly sewn and braided; otherwise it might begin to unravel as a lot of people step on your rug.

Finishing Up – Step 4

Now that your rug is just about the right size, it’s time to sew the ends of the stripes together. Make sure they’re as tight as possible because you want to see your entrance mat come loose in a couple of days. If you’re thinking to place the entrance mat on slippery surfaces like marble for example, you might have to apply a non-slipper backing to your mat (like rubber for instance).

Why should you buy an expensive entrance mat when you can make one by yourself without spending a dime? There are so many ideas you can employ and so many material types to use. The rug made of old t-shirts and clothes is just one of them and the end result will surely blow away your guests.