Are you planning a local move anytime soon ?

Or perhaps for the month of July? Although it may appear to be a hassle-free process, moving locally in fact requires a serious and organized approach. Despite not being as complicated as a long distance move, you’re still going to need total dedication. Here are a few steps you should make sure you’re paying extra attention to!

THE DO’S: Everything you Need to Know

  • When your move becomes imminent, start getting your Moving Checklist in order. Although your move may appear straightforward and simple, you’re bound to forget a few details throughout all the chaos of moving day. Keep track of your move and packing activities day-by-day with your checklist!
  • Start preparing as early as possible. A local move almost always takes more time and energy than you expect, so make sure you avoid unnecessary stress by preparing in advance.
  • Make sure you’ve decided between hiring professional movers or doing everything yourself. Keep in mind that a moving company will ensure smooth and stress-free experience. If you start looking for a company now, you might even be able to get a better price!
  • Calculate approximate moving costs. Obtaining several moving quotes from several different companies will help you stay on budget and make the best decision for your situation.


Even when moving locally, people tend to underestimate the importance of proper organization and preparation.

  • Don’t attempt doing everything on your own! If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire professionals, make sure you have friends and family give you a hand on moving day.
  • Never leave certain tasks until the last minute. Even if your moving across the street, you should always take your move very seriously.
  • Avoid bringing items that you will eventually throw out to your new home and in turn, avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Don’t over-pack your boxes. Proper packing strategies will keep your items safe and undamaged during transport.
  • Never forget to label your boxes! This small step can go a long way when it comes to unpacking. Moreover, when packing delicate items like dishes, make sure your clearly label the box as FRAGILE.
  • Don’t forget to move certain items with you, such as plants and other non-allowables that many moving companies refuse to transport. Make sure you are well aware of your responsibilities and duties before you even start packing.

The Final Phase – What to Expect after your Local Move?

         A local move can be seen as the best of both worlds; allowing you to make new acquaintances all while staying in touch with your current friends and neighbours. You can both explore your new area and enjoy the activities you know and love – seeing as your day-today won’t change much in its overall. Essentially, the adaptation process shouldn’t take too long for you, nor your loved ones. Concentrate on yourself and on getting settled in!

Have you given thought to a housewarming party? Doing so can help reduce the stress and tension from the move as well as celebrate your new beginning. You can invite and welcome new and old neighbours, friends, family and even coworkers into your new home – rewarding yourself with a lively party following the demanding moving process.