Drain blockages are extremely common in this day and age. The drain pipe connects to the main municipal sewage line, which carries all of the waste from your house into the sewage lines. From there the waste is transported to the sea or towards water treatment plants. However, even though the drain pipe is slightly bigger than the other pipes in your house, it’s not designed for carrying solid waste. The drain pipe is only designed for carrying solids and semisolids. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that and end up depositing solid items down the drain pipe. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for the drain pipe to become blocked. Here are some tips for cleaning the drain pipes.

Jet Washing

You can call in plumbers in Kent to help you out with jet washing. Jet washing, also known as power washing, is one of the simplest ways of removing a blockage. A pipe will be installed at one of the drain where water will be passing through the drain at a very high speed. The extreme pressure at which the water flows through the drain pipe is enough to get rid of any sort of blockage within the pipes.

Acid Cleaning

Another method that most plumbers use in order to get rid of the blockage is to pass acid through the pipes. The chemical composition of acid is able to dissolve all kinds of blockages. In cases where the blockage is caused due to a buildup of fatty substances or oily substances, acid cleaning is usually the most viable solution. Reputable plumbers have the equipment to inspect the problem as well as determine the extent of the blockage. They use micro-cameras in order to inspect the blockage in the drain and find out where exactly the issue lies.