Keeping your home’s drainage system working properly can prevent serious clogs. It is important to properly maintain your system, so you don’t end up with a clogged drain. Certain things tend to be incorrectly sent to the garbage disposal, or poured down the drain. While the disposal is helpful, there are some things that you should never pour down the drain. Here are some that you need to watch out for if you want to keep your home’s drain system working efficiently.

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Grease and Fat

Never pour grease down a drain. Over time, it will harden against the pipes, causing major blockages. Any hot liquid fat should be poured into a tin cup. Grease not only causes problems with your home’s drains, but can also lead to issues at a local sewage treatment facility. Grease can also get trapped on tree roots that could be further down the drain lines, causing a major backup in your sewage line.


People often toss eggshells down the disposal, allowing them to be chopped up and sent down the drain. Avoid this practice, as eggshells can actually clog the drain and hurt the disposal, thanks to their thin membrane layer. This layer will wrap around the blades, and stick to the drain walls.

 Starchy Vegetables

Don’t peel potatoes and carrots over the sink. These starchy vegetables are made of stringy fiber that clogs drains. The garbage disposal can try to chop them up, but they can get trapped around the blade. They usually end up causing blockages down the drain line, especially if you throw a number of them down the drain.

 Pasta and Rice

These foods have a similar makeup. When you send rice and pasta down the drain, you run the risk of having these items swell up further down the drain line. This can lead to a major drain blockage, a difficult one to unclog.


After eating chicken, turkey, bone-in steak, and other foods, it might be tempting to send the bones down the garbage disposal. Toss them in the trash instead, as the bones will give your septic system major problems. First, it will break your garbage disposal since the blades and motor aren’t strong enough to handle chopping bones. Second, bits of bone will get lodged inside the drain, especially around the S-bend, causing significant blockages.

 Fruit Seeds and Pits

Love those peaches, but hate that peach pit? Toss it in the trash instead of the disposal. Like the bones, the peach pits are too strong for the disposal to chop up. You also have to be concerned that the pits might get lodged in the S-bend section of your pipes. Even apple cores can cause problems with blockages in the drain.

 Coffee Grounds

Don’t pour coffee grounds down the drain. They will become trapped in your disposal drain, breaking the disposal. The coffee grounds can also become stuck in the s-bend, causing other foods to get trapped here and forming a major blockage.