When it comes to doing DIY around the house there are two types of people those that let’s say are not so handy and those that just can’t stop tinkering. Either way, most households will have basic tools to fix most problems that arise, today I am going to push the boundaries of the amateurs and hopefully give the keen DIYer a little more information regarding what I believe are some of the better tools on the market today to help you around the home.

My Top Drills:

I have always believed that buying a hand drill is like buying a car, not everyone likes the same thing and a lot of it comes down to personal choice and what job you are taking on. These are several things I always like to consider when looking at purchasing a new tool.

• Power and Torque – to make sure that the tool I am using will provide me with enough power without me having to put so much weight on it to complete the job.

• Weight – so that I know if I am taking on a larger project my hand isn’t likely to seize up carrying the weight around.

• Battery Life – as nobody likes it when you are halfway through a project and it dies on you.

My top picks when it comes down to all-round capabilities are:

• Makita XFD10R 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless Driver-Drill Kit – This product really does pack a punch when it comes to its job. Delivering 480 in.lbs of max torque in a comfortable compact size making it perfect for some of those tight working conditions, it is also fitted with a 2-speed transmission so you don’t have to overdo every screw you put in but with the benefits of two batteries and a dual l.e.d light means that whether you are working in poor light conditions or your battery is running low your job will be finished before the drill is.
• Dewalt DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver – Now everybody has heard of Dewalt and it is no surprise as they are one of the largest companies in the industry and their products really do speak for themselves. This lightweight (8.75 lbs) robust machine will make light work of any job you put in front of it especially as it is fitted with a 20v lithium ion battery and a quick charging time there won’t be much hanging around to get the job done with this tool.
• Bosch HDS182-02 18v Brushless 1/2 Inch Compact Tough Hammer Drill – So with this product I really do find it is a home use tool, it is more aimed towards the usage on external walls of your property as it is primarily designed to get through harder materials, concrete, breeze block, stone and brick but with the 2 speed design means you can knock it down and use it for smaller projects.
My Top Bench Top Drill Presses
So if we are going to be realistic then maybe not DIYer is going to own or need a Drill Press or a benchtop drill press but for those people looking to do a little bit more precise work and have a love for products then I am going to provide you with my three top Drill Presses:
• Dremel 220-01 – Well this product is something you would have never seen before, as one of the cheapest Drill Presses on the market that really doesn’t make it any less incredible than some of the big boys out there. Not only is it a high-quality build but it is extremely versatile and easy to pick up and move about, it also has got a rotatable head meaning you can drill angled holes up to 90 degrees. This little beauty also has a router mount so you can also do your sanding and grinding on one machine.
• Delta 18-900L – So this is a different type of Drill Press all together as it is not actually for a Bench Top but honestly I couldn’t include it. This beast of a machine can offer the maximum power and control you could ever need from a Press and due to the fact it is a floor press means you get more clearance underneath the drill for those larger materials. It is one of the more expensive available models but if you are serious about your projects it really is one to look at.

• WEN 12in Variable – So this Drill Press is like no other. It is reasonably priced for what I believe should be a leading product, I mean this product really can withstand anything you put in front of it and I can fault no faults at all it, this product really does sell itself, with a variable speed dial and max 3200 RPM it really is bang for buck.

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