When you are considering Shanghai wine delivery there are a number of methods that you could use. Some of them are:

  1. Ordering from a winery

This is perhaps the best method and the most convenient. In this method, you would need to call the winery and find out if they are able to ship the recipient the wine which you have requested. Most wineries will comply with your request and especially so if they are in the same geographical location as the recipient. The wineries also will ship to customers that are regulars or customers that order fancy or expensive wines. Some wineries even have their own membership programs which can benefit customers.

  1. Ordering through an online retailer

In the shrinking world we live in, borders have almost dissipated due to online stores. There are various online retailers which ship to any part of the world. They also have better prices and various offers that one can avail from. Based on the amount being ordered, they might also offer free shipping and handling too. Most of the online retailers send wine to Shanghai from Australia and sometimes from various countries in Europe as well.

  1. Joining a wine club

There are various people who join a wine club. This allows them to receive as well as to deliver gifts to friends. Most retailers deliver to members of the wine club even when wineries cannot deliver. However, just being a part of a wine club will not help you save any money on wine as most of these clubs do not offer their members huge discounts. However, what they do offer is good quality products. This is a good option especially if the person who is sending the wine to the recipient is not well versed in wines and does not know what should be sent or is not aware of the different qualities of wine available.

  1. Shipping it yourself

This method requires a lot of leg work as well as planning and a number of considerations. At the start it includes choosing the right packaging and the boxes to send the wine in. It obviously needs to be sturdy and apt for shipping wine bottles. It also consists of plenty of research being done on the shipping methods and the ones that will ship the wine in Shanghai as some shipping providers will consider it illegal. It consists of calculating as to when the wine will be in the warehouses. This is critical as most warehouses are not air conditioned over the weekend and the wine could get heated. That way it could lose its quality or its intrinsic value. When one ships wine by themselves, they would also need to research about the insurance, especially if the wine is very expensive and valuable. Then it consists of getting the right licenses if needed, based on the amount of the wine that is being sent over.

These are some of the different methods which can be used for Shanghai wine delivery and other countries as well.